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Kumyali Nature Walk in aid of Ziyamet Special Needs School – News Update

Kumyali Nature Walk

for Ziyamet Special Needs School

News Update


Communities are coming together to make the Kumyalı Nature Walk on 18th October an event which everyone can be proud of.

Cemil Sarıçizmeli, the Mayor of Mehmetçik, and his staff are pulling out all the stops getting the nature walk area ready for the anticipated crowds. The area has been cleared and levelled in preparation for an eco friendly surface which will enable cars and coaches to park.

The nature walk itself, covers eight kilometers out and back, and will pass through stunning scenery. Walkers can do a shorter four kilometer route if they wish. Dogs will be allowed but must be on a lead at all times. There will be two water stations en route.

l-r- Michelle Martin, Mayor Cemil SariÇizmeli, Serkan Efe, Zekai Altan and Adem Adem

Left to right – Michelle Martin, Mayor Cemil Sariçizmeli, Serkan Efe, Zekai Altan and Adem Adem

Mayor Sarıçizmeli, along with Adem Adem (CESV), Michelle Martin, (BRS) Zekai Altan (owner of hotel) and Serkan Efe (Belediyesi worker who looks after the route)  have already walked the route and Mayor Sarıçizmeli, said: “This was a very worthwhile trial run and showed what can be achieved when people are willing to work together for a worthy cause. It was a wonderful experience which I believe is the beginning of a new era for the Karpaz, with hopefully many more projects which will bring employment, tourism and support for locals without having to lose the identity of the area.”

There is a small church at the beginning of the walk, which has now been cleaned, so that anyone who wishes, can purchase a 1TL candle to light and say a prayer before beginning the walk.

Nature Walk

Coach parties and those who wish to pre-register will be offered a choice of picnic box at 15TL or lunch at The Nitovikla Garden Hotel and should ring any of the following numbers: 0392 3755980/3756120/0533 8656967/0533 8344868 or email info@nokovkla.com to book and confirm prices.

We are including below a video that cyprusscene.com made in support of this event and you can read the supporting article by clicking here

Kumyali Walk poster