October 4, 2023


KADS present “Thermal Underwear”

and “Last Panto in Kyrenia”

We got the following information from the Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) about two plays they will perform over three days in late October:

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in the fun filled world of amateur dramatics KADS is proud to present its autumn productions:

Thermal Underwear – This whimsical comedy is set against the background of a 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversary celebration. The scene takes place in the living room of the celebrant’s daughter and husband. Unfortunately not all is as it seems as there are some underlining tensions that begs the question ….. Will any of the others present see their Ruby Anniversary?

Last Panto in Kyrenia – Once again we encounter Gordon and his hapless band of dedicated but talentless stalwarts of the Little Kyrenia Am Dram Society. Again they are faced with the thankless task to try and put on a production that will encourage an audience to come along and support them. The only thing for certain is that ´Sex sells tickets´ and this leads to a riotous attempt of putting on a pantomime.


2 thoughts on “Theatre – KADS present “Thermal Underwear” and “Last Panto in Kyrenia”

  1. Anyone know why Catalkoy and not the superb cultural centre in Girne.

    Have been to many of the performances in Girne but sorry, not trawling through to Catalkoy.

    1. Girne theater is being refurbished. Derman Atiik,the Cultural Director for both Girne and Catalkoy Municipality offered the Catalkoy theater as an alternative.

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