November 26, 2022


By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward……

 Michael and Viola

Any Questions for us?

Question: I have been reading your articles, I like them but they don’t sink in for me, I feel that it is very difficult to convert theory into practice, especially when I cannot even trust my sibling… I think, I have to be so alert all the time because of what happened with my sibling and our business…there is a way to forget?

Dear Reader,

Thank you for sharing your feeling, of course we cannot guess exactly what had happened with you and your sibling but we can feel the pain between your lines.

We think that it is not a matter to forget but a matter to forgive. ForgivenessWhen we talk about forgiveness it is not the misconceptions of a form of excusing any bad behaviour, it is exploring how forgiving someone for misconducts can release us from the pain, it is to learn how to be able to make a decision and let go of the pain.

Robin Casarjian, the author of the book Forgiveness explains that the origin of the word “resent” is to have a repeated feeling, and that resentment of a bitter event causes us to experience it over and over. Forgiveness, in contrast, allows us to become free of it, forgiveness is not excusing of releasing the one who made the fault, forgiveness frees the forgiver and helps you to really be in the present to yourself and to other relationships.Learn to forgive

When you lose something and you are in the present you might not lose the lesson, meaning that during or after the shock of the event you can extract an experience for life, to learn from it and maybe to teach others, if you keep resentment then it will not be a circulating energy to convert an event into an experience, it will be stuck with you and every time you think about it or something or somebody remind you about it, the feeling will get repeated again and again. Dr. Victor Frankl, Creator of Logo Therapy said that the ultimate freedom of Human Being is the capacity to choose our attitude in any given circumstances.

To conclude, Let us share this Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essayist Poet 1803-1882       

Be not the slave of your own past.
Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep,
And swim far, so you shall come back
With new self respect, with new power,
And with an advanced experience that shall explain
And overlook the old.

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