Cyprus Dispute

Serdar Denktaş

Statements regarding the Property Issue

The leader of the main opposition party Democrat Party/National Forces, Serdar Denktaş, held a press conference last week and made statements regarding the property issue.

Serdar DenktaşHe evaluated the discussions taking place regarding the property issue, that was dividing the public, as a great threat and added that the construction sector had come to a standstill due to the discussions and that the economy had been negatively affected.

Explaining that there was a total of 450 thousand dönüms of land belonging to Turkish Cypriots in the south of Cyprus and that together with the temporary title deeds this figure reached 600 thousand dönüms, Mr. Denktaş said that workings regarding the temporary title deeds should be taken up within the confidence building measures.

“If an evaluation is going to take place on the property issue which years are going to be looked at is very important and is an issue that needs to be negotiated. 1974 cannot beCyprus dispute accepted as a starting point. 1960 would be a more appropriate date but looking back at that date and using the property assessment at that time is to very appropriate and will lead to much discussions” said Dentkaş.

He said that all title deeds given in the north have provisions and that except for a few extraordinary cases no one has received any unjustified benefits.

Denktaş said that the easiest way to solve the property conundrum was through global exchange an issue that the late founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş had insisted on.

“As the Democrat Party National Forces we have created a committee that will work on the property issue” said Denktaş and called on NGO’s to shoulder responsibility and carry out workings.

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