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SOS Children’s Village, Lefkosa – Donation by “Friends of SOS”

‘Friends of SOS’

5,000TL Donation to SOS Children’s Village


By Margaret Sheard….

It is so nice to hear of people recognising the needs of others and doing something constructive to help and we have received some lovely news from SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa of a donation of 5,000TL from “Friends of SOS” and following is the information we have received.SOS Childrens Village

A group of volunteers who organised a range of fundraising activities have donated 5,000TL to SOS Children’s Village.

The group of friends, who call themselves ‘Friends of SOS’, visited the Village in Lefkoşa on Friday 7th August 2015, to present the donation and visit the children receiving family based care.

Dennis and Emine Taylor, Aysel Bodi, Janice Cobbing, Jill Parkins, Karen Wright, and Denise and Nobby Brake were greeted by SOS Children’s Village Programme Manager Ahmet Akarsu.

Presenting the group with a plaque of appreciation, SOS Children’s Village Programme Manager Ahmet Akarsu said:  “It pleases me to present this award to such a generous group of people” and he added  “I thank you for your kind support and keen interest in our organisation”.

Ahmet Akarsu presents plaque to Friends of SOS

SOS Children’s Village Programme Manager Ahmet Akarsu presents plaque of appreciation to Dennis Taylor and the rest of the ‘Friends of SOS’ group.

Dennis Taylor said he wishes to continue supporting SOS, and the group plan to treat all 58 children at SOS Children’s Village Lefkoşa to a day out at an aqua park.

The group then toured SOS Children’s Village and visited the houses of the SOS mothers they met during the fundraising activities, which they have been organising since June.

After asking the SOS mothers’ their needs, they assigned 2,000TL of the donation to go towards re-decorating one house and buying a new stove for the other.

‘Friends of SOS’, along with Blue Song restaurant in Lapta, organised a bingo evening, a cake sale and a collection jar. Mr Taylor then approached his friend Billy Strand, who organised a charity evening with a large group of friends from Liverpool, England.  The group donated proceeds from their evening at Club Simena, Lapta, on Sunday 2nd August.