June 25, 2022

Cyprus dispute

Sean Paul concert causes huge stir

on Facebook

With one day left for the Jamaican rapper/reggae singer Sean Paul’s concert in North Cyprus, several Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots are using concert social media page on Facebook as a rant and rave to each other.

Sean PaulThe concert set for Sunday evening at the Cornaro Beach Club in Kyrenia will be the centre stage for the singer, whose hits include ‘Got 2 Luv U’ and ‘Baby Boy’.

However whilst many are looking forward to the concert in terms of tourism, business and economy to the island, others are disturbed that he elected to perform in the north instead of in the south. A page has been established on Facebook called ‘Sean Paul Live in Cyprus’ to keep fans up to date on the concert and where tickets can be found.

But the page has turned into a malicious war of words between some of the ‘fans’ on both sides. Whilst the page is about Sean Paul, it is now crammed with offensive photos, abuse and accusations between TCs and GCs each accusing the other and each claiming the island as their own.

FacebookTurkish Cypriots are goading the Greek Cypriots with photos of Turkish planes whilst Greek Cypriots are responding with similar abuse. It is being feared that there may be trouble at the concert on Sunday, which is bound to be attended by younger generations as well.

However not all of the comments are bad; there are TCs and GCs from both sides trying to remind people that that the island is ‘Cypriot’ and that they should be ‘ashamed of yourselves for talking this way’, reminding of peace and that it was time to move on. One person, a TC, has come out and blatantly told those hating on the page to end the abuse.

There will be other artists in Cyprus like singer Chris Brown and the rapper and singer Snoop Dogg both of whom will be performing in the south. So far there has been no abuse on Chris Brown’s Cyprus concert social media page until now and the concernt is next week.

Source: KP Daily News

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