Why were legal entertainers forced to leave North Cyprus?

Why were legal entertainers forced to leave

North Cyprus?

By Chris Elliott…….

The  weekend of July 18th we saw Cyprus Today newspaper grab the headlines with a sensational article entitled “Music Duo Exit After Bar Brawl” and one can only say that any act of violence or loss of control is not acceptable but why should it have happened. For those readers who have not read this newspaper article click here to view press cuttings.

In our recent article “North Cyprus entertainers dispute with ASAP is over, or is it?click here to view we wrote that we had observed  in the  Cyprus Today newspaper dated June 20th on pages 1 and 6 (click here to view) about the TRNC entertainers’ dispute and they were reporting that the Girne Labour department were saying that only TRNC citizens are able to work part-time and that other foreign nationalities could only work full-time providing their employer has obtained a work permit for them.

It was further said that the Girne Labour Department had stated that if existing work permits were cancelled by the employer then the individuals were required to leave the TRNC by law and re-enter after a new application has been made by a new employer for a work permit.

In a previous issue of Cyprus Today newspaper on June 6th (page 6)  it was reported that the TRNC Employment Office had agreed a budget to cover the cost of evening spot checks which had begun so it seems they are taking the question of illegal working by entertainers very seriously click here to read the press cuttings. On a recent visit to a restaurant I observed what were confirmed to be 2 representatives from the local Labour Office and it would seeGlen King and Andrew Taitm that they were checking paperwork and asking about entertainment at the premises in question.

So you may ask what was this all about that on a chance encounter between some of the opposing protagonists that it led to the loss of control and attempted act of violence that occurred. It would seem that a number of people had been making inferences and suggestions about two legal entertainers on a local forum and this was again highlighted in the Cyprus Today newspaper report on the forum accusations click here

The conflict between the two groups had now come to a head as we have seen but sadly there seemed to have been no reports of the promise of the authorities to crack down on illegal entertainers or those who use them. You can only feel sympathy for those other legal entertainers who want to contribute to the TRNC and bring quality entertainment and let’s hope that they also do not become the next victims of similar activities.

This weekend’s issue of the Cyprus Today newspaper (25th July 2015) brings us a letter from a person unnamed which says “there has never been any such campaign, there is no witch hunt click here to view.

There  was also  an excellent summary about the goings on in this affair by well-known writer Tom Roche in which he said “Britain is at last making a concerted effort to stamp out a culture of bullying in the playground and the workplace. It’s a nasty trait that some of our expats seem to have brought with themclick here to view.

Of Andrew Tate and Glen King,  Northern Cyprus has lost such great talent and high quality entertainers and their departure will have saddened so many people who knew them or just enjoyed their distinctive style of entertainment.

On another issue we have always said that cyprusscene is not a forum and it was so sad to see a local forum that was misused for seemingly 24 hours with a posting as mentioned above by Cyprus Today before it was deleted by the moderators. Choice is important in life and our readers who like forums might like to consider perhaps as an alternative to their normal choice “North Cyprus Forum the friendly forum for friendly people”. click here.

Editors Note: As so much comment has already been made on a forum and in the newspaper, no comments will be accepted on this cyprusscene review article as it will serve no purpose.

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