June 27, 2022

KAR send Peanut the Pekingese

 off to cooler climes !!!!


By Kim Betts……..
KAR Pet Travel…….

KAR Pet Travel were recently asked to arrange for Peanut to travel to the UK.

Various travel routes were discussed with his owner Toktam, as extra care and measures  need to be taken when transporting brachycephalic (snub nosed) breeds.  After several routes were considered it was felt that the cargo option from Ercan to London Heathrow would be the one that Peanut would use. It is very fortunate for Peanut and Toktam that despite many airlines banning  the carriage of brachycephalic breeds, Turkish Airlines will carry them.


To help minimize potential problems one of the precautions was to fly Peanut during the evening and early morning when the ground and air temperatures are lower.

Peanut arrived safely at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre at 10.15am UK time. His family arrived on a later flight that day collected him after all of his checks and entry process had been completed. But the journey didn’t end there – the 3 of them were then driving, over the course of a couple of days, from London to a much cooler Aberdeen.

Toktam has said that she hopes that Peanut will not go chasing the many rabbits that are around their new home  – but what will he do when he encounters his first Scottish haggis we wonder !!!

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