May 31, 2023

Should Cyprus be reunified?

Why/Why Not? Have your say on

The Stream on Al Jazeera English 


By Chris Elliott…….

During this past week we came across an invitation for viewers to watch and join in a debate on The Stream programme on Al Jazeera English which was entitled “Should Cyprus be reunified? Why/Why Not?” which featured Özdil Nami the current TRNC Negotiator so we pasted this link into many social media pages where we thought there would be interest Al Jazeera The Streamand we suggested readers watch the show and make their comments to Al Jazeera,

Not surprisingly perhaps, a number of very active debates started on these pages where we shared the links and although we asked, very few people said they had watched the show. That’s very sad because people could have had their say perhaps in front of a far bigger audience on Al Jazeera.

The purpose of making this posting is to give individuals a second  chance to add their thoughts and comments to the Al Jazeera thread after they have watched the show in the video below. Click here or click here to comment.

Perhaps with more comments and opinions being expressed on The Stream posting on Al Jazeera English, the programme editors may be encouraged to make a follow up show which will convey an even broader picture of what people think and want.

1 thought on “Should Cyprus be reunified? Why/Why Not? Go to The Stream on Al Jazeera English to have your say.

  1. I cannot believe how delusional both Turkish and Greek Cypriots are in thinking it is in
    their hands to change the division of Cyprus. I thought that by now they understood that
    it is the big players who decide their fate. With that thought, as a Turkish Cypriot, I sleep well
    because things will not change for a very long time. We lack for nothing in the north and
    things have never been so good. Why would we want to change this for an unreliable
    future with the Greeks. Why would we even want to be a part of the EU. Look at the
    mess they are in. I know nothing will change because this situation benefits the bigger
    players. With a divided weak Cyprus, they have the upper hand to control the region!

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