June 27, 2022

Esentepe Beach Cleaning 4th July 2015


By Graham Brown……..

Who says the locals don’t care for the environment and the North Cyprus Beaches. Today I went along to record the Esentepe Beach cleaning and I was Esentepe Beach cleaning imagethe only expat there.

This was no half-hearted project as Cemal Erdoĝan the Esentepe Mayor was there as you will see in my video leading the volunteers both young and old way on the beach and dare I say keeping cool when they dipped in the surf from time to time  plus the Municipality  had heavy equipment to help them clean the beach.

Bravo Esentepe you are showing others how we should care for our beaches.

Click here to see the video on my website Esentepe Community


2 thoughts on “Esentepe Beach Cleaning 4th July 2015

  1. This is really good news, there might be hope after all. Just a few days ago my spouse and I went for a drive in this area and stoped to have a look at the wonderful sceenery, but as soon as we looked down the slope to the beach we were discusted by what we saw, everything from an old matress to emty beer cans. If this country wants to atract tourists, clean enviroment is essential. As our airport transfer driver commented, he was embarassed when he asked his customers what they thought of his country and more than once the answer was that they would never return because of all the garbage everywhere.

    1. Thank you Norunn for your comments and yes we need to do a lot more to raise public attention to the need to protect the environment and change our habits.

      In another article on recycling we referred to the British habit at drive in restaurants where some people just throw their empty food cartons out of the vehicle windows despite there being waste bins in the car parks.

      To read this article please click here.

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