June 27, 2022

Devon the Rodeo Man is back in

North Cyprus for Tulips


By Sue Tilt and Carole King……
Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips)


Hello Readers,

Simon Burridge aka ‘Devon’ has kindly agreed to help Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association to raise money whilst on his summer 2015 holiday.

Simon Burridge is a professional UK and European DevonCountry singer and performs under the name, “Devon”. He spends his holidays with Steve and Denise Bisson and likes to perform whilst staying in the TRNC. He has agreed to provide his services free of charge for the benefit of Tulips. A number of venues will be offering a fixed price set menu for the evening and will donate a proportion of their takings to Tulips. In addition, representatives of Tulips will be on hand with collection boxes to accept donations from the public.

Due to the current trend, and complications of non legal entertainers performing in the TRNC without a work permit, Tulips have obtained written permission from the relevant authorities allowing Simon to carry out his engagements with the proviso that he is not being paid.

 You will be able to see Simon at the following venues:

  • Tuesday, 16th June – Al Shaheen Restaurant, Karakum
  • Tuesday, 23rd June – Al Shaheen Restaurant, Karakum
  • Wednesday, 24th June – SeAngle Bar, Çatalkőy
  • Thursday, 25th June – Fine Dining Restaurant, Esentepe
  • Friday, 26th June – Secret Town Café & Bar, Girne – Phoenix LDC Summer Special – open to all.
  • Monday, 29th June – The Village Bistro Bar, Turtle Bay Village, Esentepe
  • Tuesday, 30th June – Punjab Restaurant, Lapta
  • Wednesday, 1st July – Le Jardin Restaurant, Çatalkőy

Devon has always been an extremely popular artist in our expat community and we are hoping that you will support him and Tulips and we are including some cyprusscene pictures of some of his previous performances!

Best wishes to you all where ever you may be!

Sue and Carole

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