TRNC News Today 10th June 2015 – 7 Convergence papers ready

TRNC News Today 10th June 2015

7 convergence papers are ready

Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami said they have prepared 7 convergence papers since 15 May and they have done what could not be done in the past five years within three weeks with the Greek Cypriot Negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis.

Negotiator Nami stated that the convergence papers are on the subjects of “Governance”, “EU” and “Property”. He also stated that while working with Mavroyannis, new approaches have been produced on new issues and the Leaders are informed about it.

Ozdil Nami image 3Nami who gave information about negotiations and confidence building measures to Kıbrıs newspaper, added that convergence paper does not mean consensus was reached on all issues, parties’ unfinalized opinions or appeals are also included in these documents.

Negotiator Özdil Nami said difficulties that may arise during the process should not be underestimated, difficult issues are not on the agenda yet and it is pleasurable that concrete steps are taken and a positive air, before entering the period, is captured. Özdil Nami also stated that parties so far have focused on the declared  confidence-building measures, however after each of the Leaders’ meeting proclaim of putting a couple of confidence-building measures into practice should not surprise anyone, there is a goal in this direction.

Furthermore, Nami added “We see the confidence-building measures process as a support for comprehensive solution works. We don’t want it to dominate the agenda. We do not want it to be a separate and parallel process. The process is progressing well at the moment”.

Nami also stated that technical committees’ works through the UN are separate confidence-building measures and the new proposals that will emerge in this direction will be submitted to approval of the Leaders.

Union of Municipalities presented Water Management Project to Yorgancıoğlu

Union of Municipalities presented the Water Management Project they have prepared to Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu. Before the presentation that took place at the Prime Minister’s Office, The President of The Union Of Municipalities – Ahmet Benli said, pursuant to the decision taken by the General Özkan YorgancıoğluAssembly of Union of Municipalities “Water should be governed by local authorities”,  executive board have launched work and municipalities papered projects within the area of responsibilities related to drinking, using and waste water. Stating that they presented the project to Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu, Benli said: “We’ve done our homework. The related Ministry will also do its own work and present it to Prime minister”. Furthermore, Benli stated that the project is a business model established in strategic partnership of 28 municipalities and their aim is effective usage of drinking and utility water and provide healthy transformation to nature and allow citizens to receive water with the best service at an affordable price. Stating pleasure to the Union of Municipalities for taking such responsibility and preparing a project.

Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu also emphasized that this project and other projects papered by other related institutions should be analysed. Mentioning that submission of drinking, irrigation and domestic water to the community continuously with high quality as cheaply as possible is very important, Yorgancıoğlu said he is sure that both the Government and the Municipalities will try to find a solution with this understanding.

Fundamental Human Rights are outraging in South Cyprus

It was stated in the report of the European Commission regarding fundamental human rights and freedom of South Cyprus, Greece, European CommissionItaly, Ireland, Portugal and Belgium that economic crisis in South Cyprus caused by outraging of these human rights.  Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Haravgi and the other newspapers wrote that the report which was prepared by the Commission emphasizing economic crisis in South Cyprus affected outraging of several fundamental human rights and freedom in health, education and law. The newspaper stated that the report was discussed at the Greek Assembly Human Rights Commission yesterday and AKEL Member of Parliament and the leader of committee Skevi Kukuma mentioned outraging of several fundamental human rights in South Cyprus.

Opening of Othello Tower and Citadel to be celebrated

The Othello Tower and Citadel in Famagusta is going to be reopened to the public after restoration work carried out by the UNDPTechnical Committee on Cultural Heritage, the European Commission and the United Nations Development Programme Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF).  According to the statement of UNDP; the ceremony will be carried out on Thursday July 2nd .  The event will include speeches from representatives of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, European Commission and UNDP followed by a theatre performance of “Othello” by William Shakespeare by a young bi-communal performing group. During the ceremony a permanent exhibition on the structural stabilization work carried out at the Citadel will also be inaugurated.

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