June 29, 2022

Cyprusscene.com – Is it a forum? No way!


By Chris Elliott…….

Many people say of us or ask us are you a forum and the answer is, No way!

When we originally set up cyprusscene.com 3 years ago we decided we wanted to publish full news articles or reviews for the community including pictures, videos, anCyprusscene logod soundtracks and these are created by us from our own experiences or those from our many contributors and we are very happy for these articles to be shared by others. You could say we are a News and Review website and we have no interest in claiming we have exclusive news. We leave that conclusion to our readers who return time and time again to read more.

Forums in the main are a compilation of comments Visiting the forumsthat readers make in answer to other readers which can be very informative but the down side to this is that there will always be a fringe element who wish to make barbed or critical comments which upset others but providing the individual forums have good moderators then control is exercised over those who would like to control or influence others.

Here on cyprusscene many readers pass comments and even ask for help or are offered help by others and we also approve most comments except those from persons who would try to spoil the pleasure of readers visiting our pages.

So there we have it, we are not a forum and see no value in creating one as we would prefer to be unique and are very proud wheaccoladesn people say of cyprussene.com  “It is so professional!” and considering we are all hobbyist writers and contributors, that has to be the highest accolade we could expect.

Hearing news of a very inflammatory and denigrating thread that was published and removed very recently from a local forum, we say again, no way on cyprusscene.com.  We are here for the community and not for those seeking their own satisfaction by trying to belittle others.

It was noted that the local newspaper Cyprus Today chose to run this story theme as their front page article in this past weekend’s issue. Is there no good news to write about?

11 thoughts on “Cyprusscene.com, Is it a forum? No way!

  1. Well done Chris . I think Cyprus Scene is a fantastic blog and you are doing a very professıonal job .Thank you for bringing very interesting and informative news . Its a pleasure to read someting new on Cyprus Scene every day . Keep up the good work guys.

    1. Thank you Sermen it’s for guys like you that we keep going the extra mile for new articles when sometimes we think well what the hell.

      Cheers mate

    1. Are you trying to have a laugh Barry Snakes or start an unpleasant thread for others to follow?

      If you had taken the time to read the article in full you will have seen on cyprusscene.com “we are all hobbyist writers and contributors“.

      Do all the commentators on those forums also need work permits and have you still got yours???.

      My friend Dusty Bin awaits any more silly comments.
      Dusty Bin

  2. As a holiday visitor but UK resident, I enjoy reading the articles etc on this site. Personally, I would not have described this site as (merely?) a blog; rather more like a community/local (online) newspaper – of course, we have the national daily newspapers which concentrate on national and international news items, but we also have local newspapers which touch on such “earth-shattering” matters, but concentrate on matters of greater importance AND INTEREST to local people.
    As such, I greatly enjoy this site, so I hope you continue in this format, and long may you prosper!

  3. What I find refreshing about Cyprusscene is that its prepared to share news and information which sadly seems to be jealously guarded in most Cypriot media outlets. Sadly most news media in Cyprus is very biased and ideologically motivated. Its great to have such a variety of articles to read. Keep up the great work and positive attitude.

    1. Thank you Ismail and you are right. We have experienced a number of cases where the more traditional media try hard to have us excluded from the receipt of news as they have this belief that EXCLUSIVE articles will sell their products.

      Our hit rate per day I think could cause local newspaper editors to think again about how effective a weekly issue really is.

  4. on the subject of being paid. Perhaps some people cannot contemplate the great satisfaction that comes with research, sharing and fun hobbies. Its sad but many simply see everything in money terms.

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