June 27, 2022

Alikko and Caher are still together

By Margaret Sheard….

Alikko and Caher
Alikko and Caher

During a visit to Buyukkonuk my partner, Chris Elliott, discovered a little park in the village where there were statues dedicated to Alikko and Caher which were the characters of Kemal Tunç and Osman Balikcioğlu in their radio programme way back in the 1960s.

Recently I noticed on Frozen Cypriots facebook page a comment about the park with the statues and a query as to where Buyukkonuk is situated, so I referred to the article I had written on cyprusscene and a little thread followed which resulted in me contacting Osman Balikcioglu with a friend request.  Osman took the part of the character Caher.   As they say, the rest is history, and I have received information and photographs from Osman which I am showing below.

The articles on cyprusscene never go away and it is amazing that a simple comment can result in yet another episode which keeps the story and the heritage of North Cyprus in the limelight.  This what we are all about, not reporting, but bringing real life history to the present day to be shared with our readers.

Kemal Tunc
Kemal Tunç

This is the information I received from Osman in response to my questions.

Kemal Tunç was not only my partner in front of the microphone and on stage but a very close and dear friend.  He passed away eight years ago, but still I miss him very much.

There is a book that I wrote the about story of Alikko and Caher called Özgür İkili.  It is written in Turkish and is being sold in all the bookshops in Nicosia.

I will be coming to Cyprus on the 24th of October with my group Balikcioglu Cabaret Theatre to perform a play.  I will be staying in Cyprus for nine days.  Meanwhile I am sending you a few pictures of Alikko and Caher – old and new.

The play will be in aid of Help Those with Cancer Associated (Tulips), we are coming to Cyprus as their guests and all the proceeds will go to them.  The play consists of four very funny sections and the last section which is called Hatmalı and Caher is dedicated to Alikko and my late dear friend Kemal Tunç.  The story is the continuation of Alikko and Caher but without the presence of Alikko (Kemal Tunç). He will be on stage only in name.  I wrote the play as a tribute to him.

We performed the same play in London in February and raised £9,400 for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

Osman has kindly sent me some photographs from the 60s and early 70s which show himself and Kemal in a play called Tomorrow is Saturday and a stage production of Alikko and Caher, shown below.   There are also photographs of the stage production in London of Alikko and Caher, which are shown above.

I am looking forward to meeting Osman when he comes to Cyprus in October and as soon as we have some definite news of the venue and dates for the play we will advise our readers.   I am sure there are many Turkish Cypriots who will remember Alikko and Caher and will want to have the opportunity of reliving a wonderful memory.

3 thoughts on “Alikko and Caher – still together

  1. Alikko and Caher are legends of Turkish Cypriot theatre. I’m happy to say that part of Osman Balikcioglu’s family roots are also from my birthplace of Lurucina/Akincilar.

  2. I remember Aleko and Cahe and their sketches on radio in 1965 onwards / I use to love hearing their comical put togethers every Sunday mornıng. It was one of our main entertainments in the small enclave of Lefkoşa .

    1. Great to hear that Sermen.

      What a result that by spotting a comment on Frozen Cypriot that then became a thread and then Osman Balikcioglu name was mentioned, Margaret found him on Facebook, made contact and as they say the rest is history with his very valuable contribution into this latest article

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