TRNC News Today 8th June 2015 – Akinci: Our journey will continue towards a solution….

TRNC News Today 8th June 2015

Akıncı: “Our journey will continue towards a solution and permanent peace after tomorrow”

Following an invitation by the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, President Mustafa Akıncı paid a visit to Ban in New York and returned to the island.  Akıncı said: “Our journey will continue towards a solution and permanent peace after tomorrow and also he added that he wishes a settlement based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation along with political equality especially getting rid of uncertainty for the next generation from now on, and starting a new period in which the Turkish Cypriots will be a part of the international law.”Akinci and Ban ki Moon

In his statement at the airport Akıncı said that he expressed to the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that he will continue working towards finding a solution to the Cyprus problem insistently.

Moreover Akıncı also stated that he is always ready to contribute to the process and have fidelity regarding framework agreement which was recently finalized on 11 February 2014. Akıncı said that according to his observation Ban also stated that there is an important window of opportunity to resolve the Cyprus issue and from this window they want to reach a solution as soon as possible. Akıncı said that Ban reiterated once more his support to the process and added that the meeting was realized in a very positive atmosphere.

Recording that they had a concrete demand from Ban and asked the involvement of the UN’s specialized agency UNMAS in the issue of determination and cleaning of the minefields announced by the Greek side, Akıncı said that Ban acted sensitively about this issue.

Leaders will watch a theatre play tonight

President Mustafa Akıncı will be meeting with Anastasiades Theatre masksat an event in Limassol tonight where they will watch a theatre play that will be presented by Yaşar Ersoy.  Akıncı said that a similar event will be repeated in the North in the coming days and their aim is to give the communities a positive message.

Bill of solution is 33 billion Euros

It is stated that the bill of solution to the Cyprus problem is 33 billion euros and in addition to this an extra 5 billion Euros are needed for Varosha.

Greek Cypriot Simerini newspaper published under the headline “The Eurosbill for solution to the Cyprus Problem, economic dimension of bi communal, bi zonal federation” and mentioned the data related to the economic bill of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federal solution.

The newspaper wrote that according to economists and budget analyzers, the economic matter of new federal Cyprus will be on the basis of the Annan Plan. In 2004 the cost of solution was calculated as 16 billion Cyprus Pounds (26 billion Euros), under today’s conditions it has risen to 33 billion Euros.

The newspaper indicated that the  bill of solution includes; compensation for immigrants who are not returning back, the cost of the necessary infrastructure works, harmonization with the EU norms of Turkish Cypriot State, improvement of public services and Turkish Cypriots life level. The newspaper also mentioned about the detailed benefits of a solution to Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot states, the economic benefits of reunification, and the “threats” of a solution.

The newspaper also drew attention to the requirement of 5 billion Euros for the opening of Varosha and the port.

Anastasiades: “South Cyprus and Russia are engaged in a substantial and fruitful political dialogue”

The governments of South Cyprus and Russia intend to continue upgrading and enriching the multifaceted links between the two countries, Leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration   Nicos Anastasiades said Saturday, addressing the 10th South Cyprus-Russian Festival.

Anastasiades noted that South Cyprus and Russia are engaged in a substantial and fruitful political dialogue.Cyprus and Russian flag

The two countries “share an historic relationship, characterized by sincere friendship and mutually beneficial collaboration that we greatly value, including in the fields of economy, investment, trade and tourism” Anastasiades said, noting that “this relationship, which is reflected also on the political level, is further entrenched in our common cultural, educational and religious bonds”.

He said that the relations between South Cyprus and Russia have evolved in time, “creating the formidable background against which a substantial and fruitful political dialogue currently takes place.  The goal of all this is of course a mutually valuable cooperation and coordination, benefiting our two peoples and two countries”.

Anastasiades noted that many Russians have established a home in Cyprus and a very large number of Russian citizens continue to trust South Cyprus maintaining businesses and investments during a particularly difficult period. He added that the government seeks to facilitate even further the ever increasing flow of Russian tourists to the island.

Russian Ambassador to South Cyprus Stanislav Osadchiy has said that the cooperation between South Cyprus and Russia is based on an historic, political, cultural and religious tradition and that the South Cyprus – Russian Festival constitutes a benchmark that reflects the strong ties between the two countries, which have been reinforced during the last years.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the festival, in the coastal town of Limassol, Osadchiy said that while 10 years have passed since the first South Cyprus – Russian Festival, this year also marks the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War, and thanked Anastasiades, who was present at the ceremony, for his participation in the events in Russia to celebrate the Victory Day.

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