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Puppies galore – 28 to be exact at Kyrenia Animal Rescue!

Puppies galore – 28 to be exact at KAR!

By Kim Betts……

It has been a usual busy week for the staff and volunteers at KAR. The welcome summer sunshine had bought with it many new arrivals. The photos shown in this article are just some of the Kar logo28 puppies that have come into the KAR Rescue Centre during the last week.

Each pup will be health checked on arrival and given flea, tick and worming treatment (if they are old enough). The Centre staff then have to find space for the pups to be quarantined to try and reduce the risk of spreading infection within the Centre.

The pups will eventually go into a puppy pen with other pups of a similar size. There they will wait and hope – maybe their new forever family is just about to drive down the lane to find them. Paws crossed.

While they are waiting and hoping KAR will continue to feed them, provide housing for them, vet treat them and will be loving them. Only 1 of these comes free of charge !

If you can offer a home – a visit to help care for them – a few hours to walk one of their (360 plus) older friends or any other help at all please visit the Centre – it is open every day from 9am to 1pm.

For more information telephone 0533 869 4098 or go to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue website click here and Facebook click here

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