February 5, 2023

Little Society of Kyrenia

support children

in the Karpaz

It was a very special day when a group of children from the Ziyamet Special Needs School in the Karpaz boarded the bus for EsentepeEFRaR and Tulips image so that they could take part in the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble which is organised in support of Tulips – Help Those with Cancer.

Thanks to LSOK the children, their mothers and teachers, enjoyed a day out where they had the opportunity to join the ramble, experience a special lunch, and be given t-shirts and hats. Mary Watson from LSOK said “Many of the children had never been out of their village before and it was wonderful to see their faces as they LSOK imagewere part of the party atmosphere and were presented with their medals for their walk”.

LSOK have given significant financial support to the Ziyamet Primary School in the past and are currently purchasing 6 white boards for the school. They are keen to contribute towards the education of children, especially in rural areas, and have recently donated 2 lap tops, a projector and black out curtains to the primary school in Cayirova. The latest project is providing a photocopier to a school in Lapta and a number of first aid boxes.


The Little Society of Kyrenia has been providing more support for schools in the Karpaz and John Graham and Mary Watson visited the schools on Children’s Day to enjoy the dancing. Sadly the events at both the Cayirova and Ziyamet schools were cancelled due to the rain but they managed to take some photos of the children parading through the village before the downpour.

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