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New Kyrenia Animal Rescue shop in Kyrenia

New Kyrenia Animal Rescue shop in Kyrenia


By Chris Elliott

We received news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue that they hope to open by the end of April a new and additional shop in Kyrenia two doors away from their other shop opposite the Kyrenia Tavern which is near to the Kyrenia Fire Station.

It is planned that the existing KAR shop will continue to sell clothing and the new House and Home shop will be selling furniture and Bric a Brac and other interesting items and they also hope to have a KAR promotional bar selling items and providing leaflets etc.

We spoke to Gwen Cassell who is responsible for the two shops and she said Gwen Cassellshe was looking for volunteers to help run the new shop which will be open from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays and for those who are interested she can be contacted on 0533 868 9497.

They have already acquired some nice items for the House and Home and Shop which includes the following:

  1. Orthopaedic bed. The bed is adjustable and comes with a stand, memory foam mattress and control.  Price £200
  1. Recliner chair.  The chair lifts and tilts and also has a back massage function. The back reclines and it has a footrest. Please note that the chair does need either cleaning or re-covering. Price £100.
  1. Tri-walker.  This item is brand new.  Price £50.

To view or for more information, please telephone the Kyrenia shop on 0533 868 9497.

The existing shop has a very good traffic flow of potential customers looking to buy clothing and with the opening of another shop selling furniture and other items for the home, the KAR volunteers should be able to raise increasing funds to support Kyrenia Animal Rescue and the cats and dogs that they care for.