TRNC News Today 30th March 2015 – Press Statement: Hydrocarbon exploration ships have left the Island

TRNC News Today 30th March 2015

Press Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC

“SAIPEM 10000” drillship, which has been operating around the Island of Cyprus as part of the Greek Cypriot hydrocarbon exploitation activities, has sailed away from the region of its operation earlier today.Barbaros ship_4

Following this development, seismic research vessel “Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa” is also departing from the region.

Encouraged by the window of opportunity resulting from these developments, we expect the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiation table without further delay, with a view to achieve progress in the settlement talks in line with the principles and objectives established in the 11 February 2014 Joint Statement.

“The world has recognized the intransigence of the Greek Cypriot side”

Intransigence of Greek side

In his statement to Diyalog newspaper, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami stated that the world has recognized that the hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean will not be able to be used until the Cyprus problem is resolved, and that it has also recognized the intransigent stance of the Greek Cypriot side in relation to the resolution of the Cyprus problem. For this reason, Minister Nami expressed that the process to uplift the isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriots has commenced. Nami stated: “By repeatedly entering into tactical games, flirting with Russia and Israel and attempting to sign agreements with Egypt regarding the hydrocarbons rather than treating the Turkish Cypriots as their counterparts at the negotiation table and concluding the negotiation process based on the principle of mutual interests, the win-win approach to the process is being transformed into a lose-lose scenario. It is not possible for us to accept this.”

Visit to Brussels and Hellim

Indicating that during his contacts in Brussels Minister Nami reminded the relevant parties of their promises to the Turkish Cypriots, Nami expressed their desire for the Hellim imagecontinuation of the interest of the Commissioner for Enlargement towards the Turkish Cypriots. Nami added that positive messages were given regarding the Hellim issue.

Stating that they were received very well during their visits to member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Minister Nami expressed that these countries are concerned about the close relations developing between the Greek Cypriot side and Israel. Nami stated “As soon as the Greek Cypriot side heard about our planned visits to the region, they made initiatives to either prevent the visits or engage in similar contacts to even the score. We were met with greater attention than expected. The visit to the OIC member countries were exceedingly positive in terms of our reception by high-level officials, and our visits to Oman and Qatar in terms of official meetings and bilateral relations. We have started working on ways to pave the way for investments from these countries. The developing bilateral relations between the Greek Cypriot side and Israel have been the cause of concern in these countries. They believe that they should be balanced. These countries have much experience regarding hydrocarbons. They are prepared to share their experience with the Turkish Cypriot side. They would like to be involved in the cooperation that will develop in the future. They consider us a natural ally.”

“There is not a single power which believes Anastasiades”

Expressing that the statements of Anastasiades which place blame on the Turkish Cypriot side have not been taken seriously, Nami FM Namistated “Anastasiades can claim all he wants that the negotiations have failed because of the Turkish Cypriot side. There is not a single power in the world which believes him in this regard. All parties have seen how balanced the Turkish Cypriot side is in the negotiations, as well as regarding the Navtex and hydrocarbons issue. I have not yet met a single Ambassador who has claimed the contrary”.

Minister Nami expressed that the diplomacy displayed by the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the PDO registration of Hellim has yielded results and that the matter has reached a critical phase.

Nami added if the Greek Cypriot side remains insistent that it is the legitimate government and that only its designated institutions can have authority over the matter, the issue will remain obstructed.

The Navtex crisis continues

Expressing that if the Greek Cypriot leader insists on his perspective that “the Navtex is not enough, my sovereignty should also be recognized” the crisis will persist, Nami stated “we cannot surrender this bargaining chip to them. It is not possible to reach a settlement with a side which considers itself the sole owner of the Island. We must break their expectation in this regard. This is the main fact behind our position regarding natural resources. We witnessed the same situation 10 years ago. They lost their motivation towards finding a solution following their accession to the EU. Now they are playing the natural resource card. The Turkish Cypriot side cannot give in to this game. It is not a matter of natural resources, it is a matter of finding a settlement”.

Eide: “Negotiations will resume from the stage left”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide stated that negotiations will resume from the Espen Barth Eidestage left and leaders will decide the best way to proceed in the Cyprus negotiations. In his interview to Greek Cypriot daily Kathimerini, Eide mentioned the negotiations to be resumed in Cyprus and said that he expected result oriented studies from leaders to reach a solution as soon as possible.

Adding that he had meetings with both leaders and believed that both leaders wish resumption of negotiations, Eide said that the leaders can make developments also on difficult issues from now on and they can concentrate on reaching a serious and constructive settlement in Cyprus.

Deputy Prime Minister Denktaş shared his views regarding KOP membership

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture Serdar Denktas 3and Sports Serdar Denktaş sent a letter to clubs which are General Council members of Cyprus Turkish Football Federation and shared his views regarding the membership application to Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP).

In his letter, Denktaş underlined that each club should submit their views to their own General Councils before the decision regarding KOP membership is taken and afterwards the decision should be taken. Furthermore, stressing that everybody including himself should respect the decision of the clubs, Denktaş said that all sides should also respect to the results of the decision to be taken.

Hammond’s visit caused problem for Greek Cypriot Administration

British Foreign Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Office Philip Hammond’s Cyprus visit caused a great problem for Greek Cypriot Administration. It was stated that intense initiatives were made by Greek Cypriot Administration not to concur Philip HammondHammond’s visit to EOKA’s anniversary and to arrange his arrival on the island from Larnaca airport not from Ağrotur base.

It was also stated that Hammond will arrive on the island on 1 April 2015 and he is planning to visit President Derviş Eroğlu. It was noticed that it caused disturbance for the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Furthermore, the Greek Cypriot Administration is spending intense diplomatic efforts with the UK to change the date of Hammond’s visit from 1 April 2015 to 31March 2015, and also to arrange Hammond’s arrival from Larnaca airport but the UK insists on Ağrotur base for security reasons.

Greek Cypriot political parties EDEK, DIKO and EURO.KO, ecologists and environment movement are also spending efforts to prevent Hammond’s arrival on the EOKA anniversary and meeting with Eroğlu.

DIKO claimed that if Hammond visits Eroğlu at the TRNC Presidential Palace, it will be the proof of the UK’s role for trying to raise the value of TRNC and bring down the value of the so-called Cyprus Republic.

According to Lillikas frustration and sadness dominate in Athens

Chairman of Citizens Alliance Yorgos Lillikas talked to Fileleftheros Yorgos Lillikasnewspaper published in South Cyprus and evaluated his visit to Athens.

Lillikas indicated that there is a bit of sadness and a little disappointment in Athens and said that some statements of the Minister of Finance and other authorities raised question marks. Lillikas mentioned that this problem is hard to overcome with confirmations made by the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiadis in front of the public.

Lillikas insisted that mutual support and solidarity across the desire of the two countries, are an indisputable principle of all government policies and must be proved with action.

Saying that he is scared that relation of South Cyprus and Greece is being made ideological by some political parties, Lillikas defended that the relation between the two countries is “national”, and that it is indisputable.

Water reached Cyprus

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said: “It’s all over, water reached Cyprus. Next step is to perform distribution Bulent Arincand water management”. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc continued his speech:

“Now, we can say with pride that Turkish technology and contracting services are in the first three in the world. There is no doubt that we perform much bigger capacity contracting services in different areas.  By increasing these kinds of examples in maritime areas, we will come to an exceptionally strong point. Nearly 75 million cubic meters of water per year will be taken to Cyprus from Turkey. It’s all over, water reached Cyprus. Next step is to perform distribution and water management.”

In his speech at the ceremony of launching local seismic research vessel “TURKUAZ” to sea at İstanbul ship yard in Tuzla,  Bülent Arınç indicated that “Seismic research ship” words have been heard much more in recent years and added : “Piri Reis, Barbaros Hayrettin and this ship which is purchased from abroad will operate around Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

100 kilograms of cocaine were seized in Southern Cyprus

It has been notified that at an operation has been made by the Greek Counter-narcotics Unit in Limassol and 100 kilos of cocaine with the Cocainemarket value around 30-40 million Euros were seized and two people were arrested related to the subject.

Greek Cypriot Politis newspaper indicated that this is the largest amount of drug seized by the Greek police so far and noted that the cocaine seized was made into rolls in two suitcases.

Stating that a 34-year-old Greek Cypriot National Guard Army (GCNG) Sergeant with an unemployed 33-year-old mechanical engineer were arrested with the excuse of being involved in the event. Newspaper indicated that the GCNG will also make an investigation due to the involvement of a sergeant.

Consensus was reached with TOBB about electronic products’ recycling project

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek reached a consensus about implication of the Hakan Dinçyürekproject of recycling electronic products in TRNC with Chairman of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu at his Ankara visit.

Statement of the Ministry indicated that two officials have reached a consensus of implementation of the electronic products recycling project, which is still carried on by TOBB, in TRNC.

Minister Dinçyürek remarked that the visit was very productive and constructive and added that the contacts will continue.

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