By Ismail Veli…….


In the last few years social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionised human behaviour like nothing else in history. The ability to communicate and exchange family photos, rediscover relatives and friends from across the globe and make new friends is unprecedented in the field of mass communication.

In addition people from different backgrounds have discovered that far from being indoctrinated by political media this form of interaction has helped people understand that perhaps we as humans in addition to our rich diversity, have much in common. Not that there are no drawbacks, for with the positives we also see the negative groups o

Ismail Veli

f prejudice and political bickering also carried into these forums.


Cyprus, a case in point, has seen tragedy like few countries in the world. Conflict, upheaval, bigotry, prejudice, indoctrination and misconceptions to mention just a few have all played a part in tearing the island apart. Politicians either unable or unwilling to solve the problem have failed all sides.

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Some Facebook groups are trying to bypass this failure by countering with what most Cypriots and friends of the island wish to see, that is the sharing of common ideas based on shared values and love for the island. Frozen Cypriots the brainchild of Salahi Akinci and Eren Erdogan began the group in early December 2013, and after only 15 months the membership has shot from zero to almost 4700 and still growing. The Administration of the group is managed by a dedicated group of individuals from diverse ethnic groups. One look at the group and it’s easy to see why please click here.

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Thousands of historical images from 1859 to the present, old time stories, local myths and folklore plus a strictly non political agenda have given people an opportunity to interact and share their island’s knowledge without the fear of political bickering or personal grief.

Perhaps it’s time the politicians stood back and reflected on their abysmal failures and pick up some tips from such social media groups, which have helped find lost friends after 50 years, find photos of relatives no longer with them and above all appreciate that if there is one thing we all have in common it is the love for our country of origin, regardless of what part of the globe we live in.