TRNC News Today 20th March 2015 – Ergun Olgen: Conference in Manchester

TRNC News Today 20th March 2015

Negotiator Ergün Olgun gave a conference in Manchester

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun gave a conference at Jean Ergun Olgun imageMonnet Centre in UK’s Manchester city.

During the conference, Olgun shared the vision of the Turkish Cypriots on what is needed for reaching a solution in the island.

Olgun indicated that when they return to the island, they want to share their views with the UN authorities and engage in the process in a positive way.

Furthermore, Olgun added that sides should avoid unilateral activities in order to get a good result from this window of opportunity and find ways not to have problems especially on the issue of hydrocarbon.

Ottoway: “We have concerns about agreements”

Chairman of the UK Parliament Foreign Relations Committee and MP of Conservative Party Richard Ottoway said that they Richard Ottowayhave concerns about the agreement signed between South Cyprus and Russia.

Ottoway indicated that European communities should come together and give the message to the other regional actors such as Russia that the problems can be solved through diplomacy not through power.

Ottoway also added “I hope the sides return to the negotiation table as soon as possible and find practical ways to solve the Cyprus problem. Within the framework of the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades’ visit to Russia, some agreements were signed to reduce the debt of South Cyprus in return for opening ports to Russian navy in South Cyprus”.

Bryza: “I have full confidence that a pipeline will be built from Israel to Turkey”

Former Undersecretary of US Department of State and member of Turkas Board Matthew Bryza stated that the Greek Cypriot side and Greece are following the wisest route which is through Turkey for the gas pipelineexport of sources of the Eastern Mediterranean but he believes that this stance can change in the following process. Bryza said “I have full confidence that a pipeline will be built from Israel to Turkey within a few years”.

Furthermore, indicating that a new process has started in the Eastern Mediterranean, Bryza added that the present political situation constitutes an obstacle to benefit from sources in the region.

Chairman of Damnus Energy and Investment Board of Directors, Nusret Cömert said: “I expect more reconciliatory approach from countries in the region regarding energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Energy resources do not belong to any nation so they should be evaluated as a whole. Exportation of these resources through Turkey is more economic than all alternatives and to the advantage of all sides. If Israel exports these resources through Turkey, she will be taking the best decision in terms of economy. Turkey will transfer the gas so a new energy bridge which goes to Europe will be built”.

Yaşarata gives speech at House of Lords

The Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce in UK, Dr. Muhammet Yaşarata gave a speech at the House of Lords regarding starting direct flights to the TRNC andHouse of Lords logo opening the way for direct trade.

Yaşarata gave his speech upon the invitation of the President of House of Lords – Lord Sharkey and Cypriot Baroness Hussein Ece and addressed the representatives of all parties. Stating that isolations are unfair juristically and economically, Yaşarata indicated that isolations should be lifted immediately. Expressing that with unfair isolations, the EU is punishing the Turkish Cypriot people who expect EU membership, Yaşarata underlined that lifting of isolations will provide advantage for North Cyprus and all countries which she makes trade with.

Furthermore, Yaşarata said that he exchanged his views on starting direct flights to the TRNC and opening ways for direct trade, adding that very important developments will be realized in a very short time.

“Obama is bound to a bi-communal and bi-zonal federal solution”

Undersecretary of USA State Ministry responsible for legislative issues Julia Frifield declared that the USA is bound to a bi-communal Barack Obamaand bi-zonal federal solution in Cyprus.

This thesis takes place in the report which belongs to last September and November of the USA President Barack Obama regarding the developments in the Cyprus problem.

In her letter attached to the report Frifield wrote: “Even if the negotiations under the auspices of the UN are postponed, efforts for a comprehensive solution continued also in this period. USA is bound to a bi-communal and bi-zonal federal solution in Cyprus.”

Companies will give opportunity to solution of Cyprus problem

Prof. Dr. Ayla Gürel, one of the senior researchers of Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), asserted that the companies involved in hydrocarbon studies in the so-calledCyprus hydrocarbon dispute exclusive economic zone of the Greek Cypriot administration will decelerate their studies in order to give opportunity to the solution of the Cyprus problem in addition to the economic reasons.

Gürel stated that maintenance of the ship Saipe 10000 which makes drillings on behalf of ENI-Kogas consortium of Italian South Korea for three months and the possibility of extension of this period will be positive in terms of gaining time for solution of the Cyprus problem.

Saying that the issue of the maintenance of Saipe is created on purpose and ENI should make 2 drillings but they wanted to extend these drillings over a period of time due to the economic reasons, Ayla Gürel stated that Noble Energy has privilege because of the existence of the USA. (Kıbrıs)

Greek Cypriot producers get ready for objecting the file of hellim

Greek Cypriot Animal Breeders Union (POA) are getting ready to Hellimobject following the publishing of the application file of the Greek Cypriot administration to the EU in order to obtain production patent of hellim.

Greek Cypriot daily Politis noted that the Greek Cypriot producers will object to the rate of cow’s milk envisaged for the production of hellim.

Ceremonies in Paphos Bath and Çerkez Mosque

The ceremonies for the completion of restoration of the Paphos Bath and the Ҫerkez Mosque in Limassol took place UNDPon Wednesday with the participation of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot heads of the Joint Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

Speaking at the ceremony, Turkish Cypriot co-chairman of the Joint Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay stated that the studies of the committee are implemented with the support and guidance of both sides’ leaders and institutions. Tuncay added that the committee does not only make the restoration of the artefacts but also contributes to the creation of environment of cooperation and confidence.

EU Information Centre organizes a panel themed  “women and leadership”

A panel themed “women and leadership” organized by the new European Union logoEuropean Union Information Centre and financed by the European Union was held in Lefkoşa Merit Hotel yesterday.

Speaking at the opening of the panel, head of Unit Task Force Turkish Cypriot community Alessandra Viezzer stated that the panel is the first activity of the new EU Information Centre. Viezzer pointed out that new EU Information Centre will operate within the framework of the Financial Aid Program for the Turkish Cypriot community and it aims to inform Turkish Cypriots concerning the EU and to get the Turkish Cypriots closer to the EU.

Stating that women should exist in every field of socio-economic life, Viezzer pointed out that this can be achieved by providing communal gender equality. Adding that the EU is the pioneer of communal gender equality, Viezzer noted that founding treaties of the EU prevent any discrimination. Viezzer said that beside this, women do not have enough representation in the position of managers of the EU bodies and added that action should be taken in order to increase this number.

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