TRNC News Today 23rd September 2014 – Eroğlu : “Greek Cypriot proposals contradict UN Parameters”

TRNC News Today – 23rd September 2014

President Eroğlu : “Greek Cypriot side’ proposals are in contradiction with the UN Parameters”

President Eroğlu stated that proposals put forward by the Greek Cypriot side since February are in contradiction with the UN Parameters and Dervis Eroglu 11extreme, especially on the issues of security, guarantees, citizenship and territory which are worrying and unacceptable.

President Eroğlu also made a call to the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades and asked him to bring proposals at this new stage of negotiations that are reasonable and are in line with the UN parameters as the Turkish side is doing.

Reiterating that the Greek Cypriot side’s proposals on citizenship issue is unacceptable President Eroğlu stressed that any proposal which includes discrimination among the TRNC citizens will not be accepted.

President of CTFF Sertoğlu: “We couldn’t not overcome our problems with KOP, FIFA and UEFA should interfere.”

President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation – Hasan Sertoğlu expressed that they are facing some problems with the Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP) with which they signed anFootball Cyprus agreement for the sake of uniting football in Cyprus and made a call to UEFA and FIFA to interfere in order to overcome these problems.

Stating that he sent a letter to UEFA and FIFA and invited them to be part of the process, Sertoğlu added they had no dialogue with KOP recently other than some correspondence. Sertoğlu also said that the dialogue is not broken. however they could not overcome the problems on the issue of membership. Sertoğlu also underlined that KOP initially used to put forward the condition of membership in order to start the talks however now they say our membership application will be evaluated.

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry file cases in Greek Cypriot High Court

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry has filed cases in South Cyprus regarding the hellim/halloumi issue. It is indicated that five cases were Hellimfiled at the Greek Cypriot High Court. Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry – Ali Çıralı said that the cases were filed  because Turkish Cypriot producers were not involved in the registration process, were not consulted, were not given information and as a result the whole process is not fair for Turkish Cypriot producers.

It was indicated that the Greek Cypriot Administration applied to the European Union to register hellim/halloumi without informing the Turkish Cypriot producers and although the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce demanded to be included a positive response was not given.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office