December 3, 2022

Veni Vici Pasta Marathon

By Carole King and Sue Tilt

Hello readers

Sunday 21st September started early for a few of us, some of whom had not seen the likes of 9am on a Sunday morning for many years – in fact OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthey did not even know that there were two 9 o’clocks in the day!

Sunday’s target was originally 500 meals, however Veni Vici thought that this was a little too low so decided to ‘up’ the game and aim for 1,000.

With all the preparation and organisation in place prior to Sunday, everything ran like clockwork on the day.  The system was ‘almost’ perfect, however we had not anticipated how many takeaways would be ordered so regular trips to the local supermarkets to keep topping up the stock of takeaway containers were needed. We also found it necessary to find a water man to deliver much needed water at 10pm on a Sunday night, as we were running out fast and were on the verge of closing early without meeting our target.

We received so many excellent comments Groupsuch as people were surprised that the meals were not smaller as the price was only 15TL, which was such a good price that it wasn’t worth not coming, the food was so good people were ordering takeaways as well. The only time the restaurant got congested was when so many arrived between 6.50pm and 8pm. Many people wanted to stay and participate in a fabulous evening and though some decided not to wait, they did leave their 15TL’s for us so we thank them for their generosity.

Special thanks go not only to everyone involved on the day but also to Ileli Supermarket who supplied the food at cost price. It is because of this and the Veni Vici staff working for no payment that we were able to keep the price as low as 15TL for each meal.  Also thanks to Danny Bishop who raced against time to get the small garden prepared ready for the night, which was fortunate because so many stayed on through the evening to enjoy the atmosphere.

StaffSo, with what was cooked and served on Sunday plus some generous donations we received on the day and the next day we can say that the equivalent of 1,040 meals were sold!  We have so many people to thank: Richard and Nadine Muller (owners of Veni Vici) – for coming up with this fabulous idea and making it so successful Veni Vici staff – all these guys worked free for the charity from 9.30am to way past midnight

Ileli Supermarket – for supplying all the food at cost price

Danny Bishop – for his ‘free’ labour in getting the garden ready for dancing the night away

Perdi Brown & Jeanie Lindsay – for donating their services to help raise more funds for Tulips DJ Mike & Pam – for donating their time and playing fabulous music throughout the evening (including the Pasta Song) and filling the dance floor Volunteers – now dubbed the ‘A Team’ there are too many to name individually but you were all fantastic and all worked so well together

T-Shirt Buyers – you know who you are, you paid over the odds for an ‘Eat for Tulips’ T-shirtTulips logo english

Tiramisu Buyer – you paid over the odds on a special order just for Tulips

Everyone who came – all the organising in the world would be useless if you did not support these events and give so generously, we wish we could name you all

Our sincere thanks go to everyone involved who made this happen!

Sue and Carole

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