Karpaz GAU Forest grows



By gautalk

The first attempt of tree planting in the surrounding area of Karpaz Life Campus, which was initially established for the reinforcement and Pomegranatesdevelopment of the Karpaz region and the locals, has given its fruits.

Last year over 2,000 trees were planted as the GAU Karpaz Culture Forest under the slogan of “Karpaz and GAU Hand-to-Hand for a Green Future” with the cooperation of Dipkarpaz Municipality, Girne American University and Dipkarpaz Primary school.

The forest includes the traditionally significant, olive, walnut, almond, mulberry, pomegranate and citrus trees and this year most of these trees have grown their first fruits. As well as the GAU Karpaz Culture Forest, beekeeping has also drawn attention of both the locals and the beekeeping Produceauthorities, it has been stated.

Karpaz Honey to be promoted to the World

Exhibiting in the 8th of TRNC Agriculture, Husbandry, Dairy products and Industrial Machinery Fair, GAU Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center has drawn the attention of the public. The fair in which the first produced products of the beekeeping area located in the Karpaz were exhibited thus contributing to the eco-tourism of the region with the regional honey produced in Karpaz.