August 19, 2022

Summer Grilling 2014

Grilled Seabass with Rosemary Vinaigrette

by Ralph Kratzer

SeabassEuropean seabass, the fish – now farmed throughout the Mediterranean – has been a prized item on European menus since the days of ancient Rome.

Seabass generally run about 1 pound each and are almost always sold whole and gutted. This is a good thing, as it is far easier to discern whether a fish is fresh when it still has its eyes and gills: You’re looking for bright, healthy eyes and bright red gills. Sunken, red eyes and brownish gills means the fish has gone off.

To grill fish sometimes makes some difficulties, because it may stick to the grid or even fall apart when trying to turn over, but with the following recipe it is easy to do.

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