January 30, 2023

Royal Spice Restaurant, Lapta

to close


By Muhammad Imtiaz Ahmed

It is with great sadness that I have to tell our friends and customers that in a few months time we shall be closing the Royal Spice Restaurant in Lapta as my cousin Abbas is planning toRoyal Spice  7 return to Pakistan and we will now concentrate our business at the Al Shaheen Restaurant here in Karakum.

Since opening the Royal Spice Restaurant in March 2010 we have had so many customers and made so many friends and we hope to be able to arrange a few special celebration nights at the Royal Spice before it finally closes its doors.

For those businessmen who are interested, the restaurant building and car park is available for rent and I can be reached on 0533 842 2784 for further information.

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1 thought on “Royal Spice Restaurant, Lapta to close

  1. What a shame, we love sunday lunch!!!

    We wish Abbas well. I am sure his family will be happy to see him a bit more often.

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