June 29, 2022

TRNC News Today 15th August 2014

  President Eroğlu : “Like every President my priority is the security, prosperity and happiness of my own people”

President Eroğlu attended the ceremony organized for the commemoration of 126 martyrs who were massacred by Greeks in Commemoration for news1974, in Muratağa, Atlılar and Sandallar villages and said that like every President his priority is the security, prosperity and happiness of his own people and the interests of the Turkish nation.

Eroğlu expressed that plans made for the Turkish Cypriots by members of EOKA and the Greek soldiers who even killed their own people, became clear in Muratağa, Atlılar Sandallar and Taşkent.

As it is known, 34 Turkish Cypriot Taşkent martyrs will be buried to Taşkent Martyrdom with a state ceremony today.

Furthermore, those who were martyred in the Haspolat region on 14 August 1974 were commemorated with a ceremony organized at ‘Mahmut Haspolat Mehmetçik Anıtı’ yesterday. Another ceremony will be organized tomorrow for the liberation of Lefke and commemoration of Lefke martyrs.

On the other hand, the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Gazimağusa will be celebrated with two ceremonies today.

 WFTU member trade unions visited Soma

Some trade unions in Cyprus which are members WFTUof the ‘World Federation of Trade Unions, (WFTU)’ visited Soma in order to share the agony of families of workers who lost their lives at the accident on 13 May and in order to give moral and material support to workers in Soma.

In a written statement, General Secretary of DEV-İŞ – Hasan Felek indicated that the visit took place on 11-12 August. The delegation of Greek and Turkish trade unions made contacts and investigations in Soma for 2 days.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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