North Cyprus – State Ceremony for Turkish Cypriot Martyrs


State Ceremony for Turkish

Cypriot Martyrs

 By Margaret Sheard

A very poignant commemoration took place on 15th August when 34 martyrs from the 83 missing persons from the villages of Taşkent, Picture 3Terazi and Tatlısu were buried at a State Ceremony.

40 years have passed and people are only now laying their loved ones to rest, what a dreadful situation and there are still those who still cannot say farewell. A move towards peace could be achieved with an indication of where all of the remaining missing persons are buried and so put an end to many people’s misery. The past is the past and that too should be laid to rest, accept the truth, deal with it and then move forward to either a mutually acceptable united Picture 2island or two separate States.

I have visited Taşkent and did not know much about what happened there but I did get a very strange feeling of an atmosphere of sadness at the time.

34 of Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu martyrs are buried today  

A final farewell has been bid today to 34 martyrs out of 83 missing persons from the villages Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu among which also there were children and who were massacred near Limasol on 15 August 1974.  

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. This is both a happy and sad occasion. Happy that at last some families can finally lay their loved ones to rest. Sad for those that are still missing and I have to say, somebody knows where those lost bodies can be found.

    We always take visitors to the small commemorative museum in Taskent village so they can understand the atrocity and horrors that took place on 15th August 1974. Then to view the flag above the village where you can almost stand on it and take superb photos. Remembering all the time why it is there.

    • Thank you David. When will it ever end? I hope people do remember when they look at the flag on the mountain.

  2. RIP, very sad history of Cyprus! The innocent Turkish Cypriot villagers of Cyprus whose life and families were destroyed by politcians and idea of ENOSIS. An Arcbishop as a president and his murderous offsiders SAMSON and GRIVAS WHO was manipulated by a greedy Greece and vicious Orthodox Church are the cause of todays trauma !!!

    • Thank God for the Turkish peace intervention of 1974 as we have lived in peace ever since unlike those people living in Gaza. In both cases the world prefers to look the other way and play for time.