February 5, 2023

7th Lapta Tourism Festival

Chess Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

On the 7th and 8th June the Lapta Tourism Festival held a Chess Tournament at The Lapida Hotel in Lapta at which 43 contestants settled down to do battle.  The event was 2.over 2 days and on Saturday 7th June the tournament commenced at 3pm, continuing on Sunday 8th June at 10am.

We arrived on Saturday just after the tournament had started and you could hear a pin drop in the room as the players studied their respective games.   At this time of the year the tournament would normally have been held on the outside terrace but a heavy downpour that day resulted in the event being held indoors.

As usual at events in North Cyprus, there were familiar faces and we we1.re pleased to see Zafer Ağdelen, who is a member of the Executive Board  of the North Cyprus Chess Federation, and who we have also met at GAU events, Peter Fasching a fellow member of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), and Arjun Ayyappan Mani who was a fellow student when we attended a Turkish language class at GAU last year.   They were all taking part in the tournament as were Zafer’s young son and daughter.

We had intended to sit and have a chat with Berke Ertopaloğlu while the tournament was in progress but unfortunately due to the heavy rain he had to dash off to check on the beach football pitch for the game which was 3.taking place that same weekend.   This is just one of the many trials and tribulations Berke has to contend with to ensure the Festival runs smoothly, which he and his colleagues do so well.

There were 43 players with 21 boards set up for the contestants who were from 7 different countries, TRNC, Turkey, India, Nigeria, Russia, Germany and Moldova which made it a very international tournament.

Following the second day of the tournament we were told of the results and we give below the first three winners.  The full results can be seen by clicking here.

  1. Julian Baltag
  2. Hűseyin C Ağdelen
  3. Cengiz Hasman

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