7th Lapta Tourism Festival – Press Conference

7th Lapta Tourism Festival

Press Conference in the fine

Kadı Menteşoğlu Konağı building

By Margaret Sheard

The 7th Lapta Tourism Festival is nearing its end for another year with still a variety of events to attend and the finale of the Festival in Lapta Village which will include concerts and folk dancing during the 4 days of the Festival.

ConferenceLapta Belediyesi held a press conference on Friday 6th June with the Mayor of Lapta, Fuat Namsoy presiding with his very able staff including Berke Ertopaloğlu and Mustafa Aktug who play such an important part in the organising of the Lapta Tourism Festival.

We were very pleased to see our friend Cemal and dancersCemal Boransel there, and  he really looked the part, as he always does, in his traditional dress, together with a young man and young lady from the Lapta Municipality Folk Dance Group in their traditional folk costumes.

The Festival will be held from 19th to 22nd June and will include dancing and concerts to enjoy each evening and on Saturday 21st June, from 8pm, the program will be folk dancing from not only Cyprus but also folk dance groups from Chile, Serbia, Turkey and Russia.

The Festival programme is:-

Thursday 19th June – 8pm Opening of the Festival.  8.15pm Opening of Traditional Cyprus House. 8.30pm Photograph exhibition and awards. 9pm Opening speeches.  9.15pm Special Dance Group Show. 9.30pm Ziynet Sali concert.

Friday 20th June – 9pm Sultan Durusular & Orchestra concert.  9.30pm Haluk Levent concert.

Saturday 21st June – 8pm Lapta Municipality Children’s Folk Dance Group.  8.20pm Chile Folk Dance Group.  8.40pm Serbia Folk Dance Show.  9pm Turkey Tokat Municipality Folk Dance Group.  9.20pm  Russia Folk Dance Group.  9.40pm Lapta Municipality Folk Dance Group.

Sunday 22nd June – 8.30pm DJ Emel Show.  10pm Mustafa Ceceli concert.

BuildingThe press conference was held at the beautiful building in Lefkoşa of the Union of Turkish Municipalities of Cyprus.  The building dates back to 1329 when it was built in the Lusignan period as the residence of the Catholic Archbishop and it was also used as a monastery.  There are underground tunnels which link to the Selimiye Mosque and with the Haydar Pasha Mosque which have been preserved intact to date.  After the conquest of the island by the Turks in 1571, the building became known as Kadı Menteşoğlu Konağı (Mansion), the top floor was re-built, the roof was raised by some 2 metres and a bay was added.

This splendid building will be the heritage of future generations.

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