December 1, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)


Visiting the Project of the Century

By Ralph Kratzer

P1020064On Monday, May 19th 2014, more than 100 members and friends of the TFR met in Karsiyaka in the morning and then drove in 3 groups to Gecitköy, where for some time the construction work for the “Project of the Century” has been in full swing.

What´s about the “Project of the Century” in Northern Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus has had the problem of water scarcity for a long time and has it still to date. Especially when it has not rained enough, as again in last winter, the water resources on the island come nearly to an end during the hot summer months. This applies both to drinking water and water for agriculture.

Therefore it was decided several years ago, in cooperation with Turkey, to build a freshwater pipeline from the Turkish mainland below the Mediterranean sea surface to the north coast of the island of Cyprus. This sounds at first an impossible project. But the guests of the TFR were able to see with their own eyes that such a project is not only possible , but already at an advanced stage.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe small water reservoir in Gecitköy, which in former years repeatedly threatened to dry out, was provided with a gigantic dam. Another huge water reservoir was built on the southern coast of Turkey and is there fed by the rainfalls in the Taurus Mountains. A huge pipe system will soon connect the two reservoirs and thus, as planned, make the water supply of Northern Cyprus sure for the next 50 years.

The participants of the information tour were all surprised and visibly impressed with regard to the scale of this project that is realized by Turkish enterprises with the participation of international know-how and suppliers. As the local Project Manager Mr. Aziz affirmed his guests, this is the first project of that kind and size worldwide.

P1020085After the visits on site and the viewing of very interesting and informative videos, some of the participants of the tour came together at the Sardunya Beach Restaurant in Karsiyaka to strengthen themselves and process the impressions of the day.

An event of the TFR, which will surely remain for a long time in the memories of the participants.

Watch the stunning videos to get more information.

To view more pictures in a slideshow – click here!

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