North Cyprus – Karpaz – a chance for the Paradise?

Karpaz – a chance for the Paradise?

By Ralph Kratzer

Karpaz_2Regularly readers of our website know that the issue of environmental protection and ecology is deeply in my heart. As a reminder, here are just a few of my posts about this topic from the previous months:

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Yusuf Duman

Yusuf Duman

At the suggestion of a German couple from Karaağaç who became aware of me through a mutual friend and the internet, I met a few days ago with Yusuf Duman, President of the Karpaz Ecotourism Association, in Kücük Erenköy (between Esentepe and Tatlısu).

There Yusuf  runs the small holiday resort “Şinya Guesthouse” strictly according to ecological principles and he enthusiastically told me of his plans.

Goal of the association, founded in 2008, is to promote eco-friendly tourism in the Karpaz region, one of the last natural paradises in Europe. This means, in his opinion, that the number of holiday homes and the size of the holiday resorts there should be limited, only local products should be offered whenever feasible, thus the environment could be protected as much as possible and both guests and locals could benefit from this kind of tourism.

The defined slogan of the association is:

To provide a good and successful nature friendly business model for those who want to make investment in the rural areas of Northern Cyprus, and so bring new recreational activities to the villages to make the lives of the guests and locals better and happier.

According to Yusuf’s opinion there is space in Northern Cyprus for all types of tourism: mass tourism, casino tourism, family holidays, as well as for individual travels with high expectations. But it should be locally separated.

He wants the government and the authorities generally to provide clearer laws, guidelines and criteria for eco-tourism and organic farming, and especially for his organization more attention and support.

After all, we in North Cyprus know that projects such as large hotel complexes, housing developments and marinas increasingly penetrate into this last natural paradise of the Karpaz peninsula, I would wish that Yusuf´s ideas of a sustainable tourism there will be heard and supported.

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