March 21, 2023

Joint Birthday Celebration in aid

of Tulips

By Margaret Sheard

A joint birthday party was organised by Carol Benson and Linda Walls which, as well as their own celebrations, was to be in aid of Tulips/Help ChampagneThose with Cancer Association.   As Carol and Linda’s birthdays are only 10 days apart they decided to have their birthday party together on Monday 21st April at The Angel of the North in Lapta.

An amount of 650TL was raised at the event and donated to Tulips and we have received the following review of the evening from Carole King on behalf of Tulips.

Carol Benson and Linda Walls held their joint birthday party at tGuests 2he Angel of the North in Lapta on Monday 21st April 2014 and 650TL was raised at this event which they both very kindly donated to Tulips.

Carol and Linda were about to celebrate their birthday’s which were only days apart when they decided to have a joint event and help raise money for Tulips. We would like to thank them both so much for their efforts and the money that they raised. A wonderful effort.

There was a fantastic atmosphere and the event itself had aHatsn Easter theme which included a raffle and an auction. Both Carol and Linda agreed that the buffet was fantastic with a combination of both Turkish and English food.

They would very much like to thank all their guests for the gift donations which made the event so successful. They would also like to thank Mo Dogacan for taking on the responsibility of selling the raffle tickets so that the birthday girls could enjoy their party!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this impromGuests 1ptu event and managed to raise such a wonderful amount of money. We are very, very grateful.

Carole – Tulips









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