North Cyprus – The Resurrection of the Corner Bar in Alsancak

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

The Resurrection of the

Corner Bar in Alsancak

by Ralph Kratzer

Corner BarThe first pub that I went into in Northern Cyprus, when I arrived on this wonderful island in 2004, with my now deceased wife Heidi,  was the Corner Bar in Alsancak.

I knew next to nothing over here, because before our immigration we just had a holiday of two weeks in Northern Cyprus!

Someone gave us a tip shortly after our arrival: Try the Corner Bar in Alsancak, it is run by a German!

So we went for it! Jan, the German, who ran the bar, soon became not only our favourite host, but also our friend. We had many lovely afternoons and evenings in his bar where I also met for the first time the Chairman of the TFR, Heinz Nauroth, who invited me to become a member of the society and of which I have now been the Secretary for some time.

Unfortunately Jan, the host, left the island a few years later.

Hakki, who later took over the Corner Bar and operated it for a time under the new (weird) name Cyprus Queen, endeavoured indeed to keep the clientele of Jan at the bar and keep them satisfied but he did not have the necessary success and had to shut the doors after less than 2 years.

Now the Corner Bar  re-opened again  a few weeks ago.

Of course I wanted to have a look at what the new operators have made out of the good old bar and I must say, Marie Cin and her key staff Mehmet Özmen, have made it a cosy place!


Marie and Mehmet

Marie, who grew up in London and there, after her professional work as a beautician, operated a Spanish style Tapas bar. She has stylishly decorated the new Corner Bar to her taste without changing the former look too much and is a wonderful hostess.  She has recently introduced, in her new venue in Alsancak, Tapas dishes as well. My girlfriend and I tested the menu last week and both loved it!  In addition to the numerous restaurants in North Cyprus offering the typical local “Meze” dishes, this is now a real culinary alternative.

Mehmet is behind the bar and looks after the guests in a very friendly way.  The student from Izmir previously worked, as well as his studies at a Northern Cyprus University, in the famous Cratos Hotel in Catalkoy and moved, on Marie’s request, to her Alsancak Corner Bar.

I can only wish them good luck and a lot of guests, because they really deserve it!

For people, who do not know the place: If you drive on the main road from Girne towards Lapta, just before the statue of the “Golden Lady“ in Alsancak, turn left. After about 100 metres on the left hand side is Marie´s Corner Bar.  Enjoy!

By the way, they are now also preparing the exterior of the bar for the forthcoming summer season.

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