German Moselle wines in Northern Cyprus

By Horst Gutowski (translated into English by Ralph Kratzer)

A few more weeks and then German Moselle “Riesling” wines will be able to be acquired in Alsancak.

Last Friday I was attending a wine tasting at “Wines Of The World” (on the Alsancak main road towards Lapta after Green Petrol station).

In addition to wines from various other countries, Moselle wines were presented. I had the opportunity, together with friends, to test different wines – as there had been “Quality Wine“, “Cabinet“, “Late Vintage“ and “Selection“.

The “Riesling” wines are from light to moderate intensity and are characterized by a fruity flavour. We found them to be very sleek with a “full body”.

The steep slate-earth slopes of the Moselle region characterize these wines.

According to the shop-owner David Griffiths, prices will be considerably lower than those in South Cyprus.