December 6, 2022

BRS – New Members Evening

By Margaret Sheard

We have received news of some of the activities of The British Residents’ Society which included an event for new members held at British ResidentsCafe George in Girne, on 20th March.

Café George in Girne has become a favourite meeting point for expats, and was the ideal location for the BRS Committee to welcome new members who have joined in the past 12 months.

Over 70 members were welcomed by BRS Acting chair, Nicky Montgomery, and Acting Deputy Chair, Nigel Holman.

“2014 has begun as a boom year for the BRS,”1. Figen Kaymak and Malcolm Mitcheson says Nicky proudly, “In the first 2½ months we have signed up 146 new members – a whopping 10% of total membership.”

Talking to new members, the key deciding factors in joining (and re-joining!) are the improved communications system, meaning that important information is now widely available, and the ever popular Discount List which now not only includes those great hospital discounts, but also an ophthalmic surgeon, two dentists, and a wide range of other businesses from hairdressers to restaurants to building contractors.

“Our Discount book is now printed in booklet format,” says Nicky, “and discounts offered have expanded so quickly that we are printing our 2014 2nd E3. Phil and Jill Cowleydition 3 months ahead of schedule.”

The overwhelming feeling on the night was that the BRS had a new accessible image, “The BRS committee are friendly, approachable people,” said Adrianne Friend.

New Member Claire Lambie said, “The BRS is a wonderful way to get to know a wide spectrum of people,” and her husband Pete added, “It should be renamed the British Residents Community”.

The new edition of the Discount List will be available for members to pick up at the AGM on Saturday April 12th at the Dome Hotel in Girne, registration and coffee from 10am, AGM at 11am.

(For more info please ring: 0533 8233 974, Amanda, or email

For more information do visit the BRS website by clicking here.

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