October 3, 2022

18th March – Martyrs’ Day

commemorated at GAU

An event was held for the 18th March – Martyrs’ Day at GAU Cyprus-Girne Campus International Congress Centre Spectrum Hall.

Speeches and poems were performed to mark the 18th March Gallipoli (Çanakkale) Victory and Martyrs’ Day at the ceremony which was 1organized by the GAU Ataturkist Thought Club.

At the ceremony which began with the participants standing in silence and the National Anthem, GAU Education Faculty Lecturer – Assist. Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Bal gave a speech indicating the meaning and importance of the day. In his speech, Bal thanked the Ataturkist Thought Club for the ceremony they had organized and stated that Gallipoli is a 2big and important legend that cannot be explained in a short time. Bal further spoke about the legend and spirit of Gallipoli and emphasized that Gallipoli is an important victory that is still spoken of all around the world.

GAU Maritime and Transportation School Instructor – Cevdet Bakır while emphasizing the importance of the maritime history of the Gallipoli Victory, stressed that the Nusret minelayer overcame the enemy by laying 26 mines alone despite the fact that the navy was weakened 3because of the fear of the navy insurgency in the Abdulhamid period. Bakır who talked about the importance of this type of navy defense, reported that the Navy is a key point in countries, such as Turkey, which are surrounded by the sea.

After the speeches, the students read poetry and essays related to the meaning and importance of the day.

Editor’s Note:

For those that are interested in history, cyprusscene.com visited the area of Çanakkale and Gallipoli during a 5-day tour in 2012 and this was recorded as 5 articles with many pictures which can be seen by clicking here.

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