December 10, 2022

BRS News Update 13th March 2014


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Changes to Car Insurance Discounts

BRS member, Trevor Hughes of Dagli Sigorta has advised us that changes in TRNC legislation have made it illegal for any company to offer discounts on car insurance policies.

Discounts on other insurances are still on offer.

Meet the Acting Chair

BRS Acting Chair, Nicky Montgomery, will be at the BRS info desk at Lambousa Market in Lapta on Saturdays from 10 am to noon, and Café George in Girne on Wednesdays from 10 am to noon, leading up to the AGM, for members to meet her and ask questions.

For more information about Nicky, please click here.

New Members Evening click hereBRS New members

An informal evening buffet will be held at Café George on Thursday March 20th from 7 pm to welcome New Members who have joined over the last 12 months.

New Members who have received an invitation are reminded to RSVP to

All others are welcome to buy tickets at 15tl from our BRS info desks.

For information on when and where we meet, please click here

To read more of the British Residents’ Society please click here


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2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – British Residents Society – News Update 13th March 2014

  1. Reading the piece about car insurance, does this mean that “No claims Discount” is not allowed under this new law? This discount has always benefited careful drivers and if not available makes an ass of the law.

    1. Reply to David Waters from Trevor Hughes

      “A no claims discount is now in place from ALL insurance providers. But now, all have to adhere to the same criteria. This year there is only 10% available to those with fully comprehensive insurance, so long as there has not been a claim against their policy during last year.

      Good drivers without a claim will receive a further 10% discount year on year for a maximum of 40% discount. This system applies to all providers.

      Dagli Sigorta attaches many extras to their policies without charge. To find out why they are the market leaders telephone 0533 844 3403


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