November 26, 2022

 North Cyprus – Property Success for

Kulaksiz Construction and

Citizens Advice Cyprus

By Mary Day

All too often we hear the sad news of yet another property victim in North Cyprus but rarely do we hear of the success stories. Well today I bring breaking news of not just a successful story but also the fact that it more importantly involves Kulaksiz Construction Ltd.

I would like to take you back to July 2013 and remind you of the dreadful position that another Kulaksiz Construction home owner had put three Arapköy home owners in. This person had forced three properties all built by Kulaksiz Construction Ltd to be put forward for auction in order to claim monies from the Construction company and with the date set the fear of losing their homes was upon the innocent property owners. This person,  also a victim of Kulaksiz construction, was doing unto others the very same that had been inflicted upon them.

One of the owners of those three properties is a gentleman by the name of Spencer Van-Win. The news that his home was to be put up for auction devastated Spencer he after all had paid in full for his home and was now in fear of losing it, Spencer said “ I cannot believe this person is doing this, how can someone inflict this pain on others when they of all people know how it feels”.

Spencer on the advice of friends went to see Citizens Advice Cyprus and today Spencer has said “it is the best Pembe Ibrahimthing I have ever done, without them I would have lost my home”.

Pembe Ibrahim of CAC has worked very closely with Spencer and Abdurraham Gȕney of Kulaksiz Construction Ltd over the past eight months to help Spencer gain possession of his deeds for his property, Pembe Ibrahim of CAC said ‘ Abdurraham Gȕney has worked with us and helped in order to get to the point that we have today and we thank him for his full cooperation in assisting us”.

The successful part of all this is that on Friday 7thMarch Spencer was handed his deeds for his property, the second successful part is that this involved Kulaksiz Construction Ltd. Does this mean that North Cyprus is now moving forward towards a better place to be, well yes we all hope so but whatever happens this is definitely a move in the right direction and let’s hope that other Kulaksiz victims can live with the hope that there is a way forward.

The last word I leave with is a very delighted Spencer who  said ”I would like to thank Pembe Ibrahim for her help, I cannot believe I am holding my deeds it is something I never thought would happen and as for the person trying to force the auction of my home, they will not a get a single penny now thanks to Citizens Advice Cyprus”.

Editor’s Note

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Spencer Van-Win with Pembe Ibrahim and Abdurraham Gȕney as they complete their work.

Spencer, Pembe & Abdurraham Gȕney

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