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TRNC News Today 11th March 2014


TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu made a statement to the Turkish Dervis Eroglu 8Cypriot daily Kıbrıs Postası and said that the required materials are on the negotiation table.

Eroğlu said “If the Greek Cypriot side desires a solution, the required materials are on the negotiation table” and added that it would be impossible to reach an agreement if Greek Cypriots  have the aim of delaying and using EU membership as a trump card. 

“I hope that everything will be different this time, and by taking the realities in Cyprus into consideration, Greek Cypriots will clear the way for peace and agreement by making reasonable and sensible proposals. What is important is the intention. The sides know their own opinions well” the President added.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami who is holding high level contacts in the US had a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of State William Burns in Washington yesterday. FM Nami said that US is showing a great interest for the new negotiation process and supports a solution in Cyprus.

Stating that during the meeting, Burns expressed his wish for reaching a comprehenOzdil Namisive solution in Cyprus, FM Nami added that he found an opportunity to see US’s determination for continuing the dialogue with the Turkish Cypriot side and they discussed deeply the positive contribution of solution of the Cyprus problem to the regional stability, Turkey-EU relations, EU-NATO relations, and also the positive effects of effective use of hydrocarbon reserves around the island to regional cooperation.

Moreover, Mr. Nami added that he would continue to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution in Cyprus. In the first day of his US visit, FM Nami delivered speeches at the Wilson Center and Atlantic Council and explained the last stage reached on the Cyprus problem.

Nami also gave an interview to ‘The Washington Times’ yesterday.

After delivering a speech at Wilson Center, Nami answered the questions of AA Correspondent and said that there is a very important window of opportunity to solve the Cyprus problem and there are also reasons to be hopeful due to the negotiations between the two sides. Nami also stressed that we are in the last stage to reach a bi-zonal, bi-communal agreement in Cyprus.

Moreover, reminding that both leaders in Cyprus signed the joint statement which included the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots, Nami said that a consensus was achieved on the issues of sovereignity, international identity, citizenship, political rights of constituent states which have been discussed by the sides for many years, and this situation is very hopeful.

Describing the issues of property, territory, security and guarantees  as difficult and challenging, Nami said that great efforts should be spent to solve these issues. Stressing that these issues have been on the agenda for 50 years, Nami noted that they considered that a new comprehensive solution plan may arise in the following months because this problem cannot continue forever.


Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis met at the Andreas Mavroyannis and Kudret Özersay imageconference organised by Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in Brussels.  

Özersay said that during the conference, they discussed the possible effects of a comrehensive solution in Cyprus and the effects of cooperation between the two sides for the economy.

Özersay had an unofficial contact with Mavroyannis in Brussels and they discussed the issues regarding the economy and the negotiation process.

‘We have discussed the issues of Derogation and EU Primary Law during our Brussels meeting’ Özersay added.


President of TRNC Religious Affairs Department Prof. Dr. Talip Atalay went to Geneva within the framework of studies of “Communication between Religious Leaders in Cyprus”.

Atalay will attend the meeting of UN Human Rights Council, and then will attend an interactive meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.

Talip Atalay will also meet with UN officials on 12 March.

Atalay will meet with the panellists on 13 March and then will attend  the panel of “Encouragement of Interreligious Communication”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office








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