December 8, 2022

A new environmental disaster

Dumpsite_2Individuals or organisations, who are not allowed to dispose their waste in the Güngör solid waste storage area in the Kyrenia district, have been littering an area on the way to the village south of the Five Finger Mountains.

According to the news report by Osman Kalfaoğlu in the Kıbrıs newspaper, the fact that only municipal trucks can use the Güngör landfill has led to a new environmental disaster. A total of nine municipalities are currently using the Güngör landfill. The other municipalities are disposing their waste in other areas.

Some individuals or organisations, who do not have access to the Güngör landfill have been disposing their waste in an area on the way, creating a huge environmental pollution. In the hills leading up to the solid waste storage area, there are animal carcasses, food packaging, food waste, construction materials and discarded house appliances among other solid waste.


2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – A new environmental disaster

  1. Get the Traffic Police on the Job. All the community requires a place to dispose of their waste and municipalities need to collectively address the problem. Perhaps a more comprehensive piece of journalism may have tried to identify some culprits and solutions.

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