December 8, 2022

Trevor’s Tips – June 2013 –

“Propane Gas Tanks”

Way back in June 2013, Trevor Hughes published on his monthly “Trevor’s Tips” (click here) in which he gave warnings and advice concerning the registration and installation requirements of gas tanks installed on private property and for your information we have just received the following notification  from the British Residents’ Society from their website. BRS banner

Gas Tank Updates

Our thanks to BRS Legal Advisor Peyman Erginel for this response to questions raised by members about the large gas storage tanks.

 “Before anyone gets a gas tank, he should apply to the District Office.propane_tank[1]

To the application which will be lodged to the District Office the following documents should be attached:

Copy of the title deed of the premises.

Copy of the building permit for a building which is not registered on the title deed.

Original site plan with stamp.

Mechanical plan.

Contract signed with the gas company

For properties built and final approval obtained prior to December 2010, no mechanical plan is required. However, for subsequent buildings a mechanical plan is required.

Regarding the positioning, the District Office and Fire Brigade will advise, however the gas tank should be 2.5 meters away from manholes and 10 meters away from a BBQ. There is not any specific distance requirement in relation to the house.

A gas tank should be inspected every 10 years for security.

Should anyone have a gas tank without licence, he will be warned by the District Office to comply with the requirements. However, should a gas tank be not in line with the requirements of positioning, then the District Office will have it removed.

So far no fine has been given.

Kind regards,

Peyman Erginel


Source : British Residents’ Society web site click here

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