November 26, 2022

Former EOKA fighters

support the negotiations


The Association of EOKA Fighters ‘55-59’ has expressed its support to the negotiations aiming to solve the Cyprus Problem, as long as the solution assures justice for the people, the head of the association has stated after a meeting with President Anastasiades.

In statements made to CNA right after the meeting, association president Thasos Sophokleous said that Mr. Anastasiades explained somberly and patiently what the situation is today and the latest developments in the efforts to solve the Cyprus Problem. “The President is giving a fight. Times are difficult” he added.

“We support his efforts towards a solution as long as that solution will satisfy our people and as long as it is just. If that doesn’t happen we of course will not accept it” he pointed out.

Picture above: T/C President Eroglu and G/C President Anastasiades

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1 thought on “Cyprus conflict – Former EOKA fighters support the negotiations

  1. As if a bunch of former terrorists are to be considered essential to any settlement approvals or otherwise!! Once a terrorist, always a terrorist!

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