December 6, 2022

Tepebaşı Tulip Festival

We have recently notified our readers of the forthcoming 10th Tepebaşı Tulip Festival which is being held on Saturday and Tulip logoSunday 15th and 16th March and we received this nice comment from David Waters who has also provided some photographs from the time he visited the Festival.

Tepebaşı Tulip Festival

By David Waters

If you have not been to this village festival then you should, even if it is just to see the fields of Tulips. They are not in the village but you are led to the area where you leave your car and I think it was about an hour of gentle walking in a circular route.

These Tulips are unique to Cyprus. Remember that the Tulip fields of Holland originated in Turkey. On the walk you will also see several varieties of rare flowers which you can add to your photo collection.

Our visit was 27th March 2011, the actual festival days were washed out so not to disappoint people the organisers did the walks again 2 weeks later. You can quote me if you wish but there is nothing further I can say about the walk other than GO!  Also to support the village festival for which people do put in a lot of effort, and that applies to all village festivals.

Below are the photos which David sent to us so it may be nice to actually go and see the lovely display for yourselves. David was unlucky with the weather but hopefully there will be no rain and it will be an excellent day to see the tulips and enjoy the festivities in the village.

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