December 6, 2022

Yeşilirmak Tree Planting

Continues – “10,000 Students,

10,000 Plants”


By GAUtalk

Girne American University (GAU) continues the task of tree planting following the decision of mobility by the GAU Senate which had been 2agreed after the forest fire at Yeşilırmak last year, with the slogan of “10,000 Students, 10,000 Plants – We are a Forest”.

The GAU Board of Administrators, stated that the tree planting events which were to be carried out after the decision of mobility following the Yeşilırmak disaster and GAU Senate declaring the 2013/2014 academic year as “Year of Environment and Nature”, planted 2,000 saplings under the protocol which was signed between the Department of Forestry and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, to re-instate the natural tissue of earth after the Yeşilırmak fire disaster which deeply saddened Minister of Environment and Natural Resources - Hamit Bakırcıthe country.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources – Hamit Bakırcı, the 39th Mechanized Infantry Division Commander – Major General Ibrahim Yılmaz, Department of Forestry Director – Cemil Karzaoğlu, GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor and President of GAU Environment and Nature Research and Application Centre – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, Sponsor Company Executives, GAU students, academic and administrative staff and the military personnel attended the tree planting event where 2,000 trees were planted.

It is stated that the tree planting activity was carried out with contributions from The Cacao, T & T Airport Operations, Creditwest Bank, Envirotek Cyprus, Envirotek Turkey, Güven Insurance, under the sponsorship of Girne American University, and it is noted 20,000 saplings for planting and 3-year maintenance were financed for this project by the aforesaid seven organizations. As well as tree planting, annual hoe maintenance and planting of new saplings are also included in the project.

Also it is stated that 20,000 saplings which are to be planted, form the 1damaged 200 hectares of the re-forestation project following the forest fire at Yesilırmak in 2013 and with this project 140,000 saplings will be planted up to the end of February.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources – Hamit Bakırcı, who spoke to GAU TV, stated that as always, Girne American University didn’t leave them alone in tree planting organization and supported them to the end. Bakırcı emphasized that GAU, who declared the 2013/ 2014 Academic Year of GAU as “Year of Environment and Nature” demonstrates exemplary behaviour to the community from aspects of pollution to caring about the natural environment. Bakırcı who praised GAU’s exemplary behaviour to society, stated that with the support of governmental organizations the environmental problems will be solved more quickly.

GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor of the Board and President of GAU Environment and Nature Research and Application Centre – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, who made a statement Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbiabout the topic, thanked the Minister – Hamit Bakırcı on behalf of the GAU Family and stated that they performed a very important social responsibility project under the leadership of the Ministry. Vehbi expressed that these studies are the type of activities which are symbolic and build awareness, and that they intend to be an example to the community. Vehbi emphasized that the nature and the environment are important for them as GAU and stated that the GAU Senate under the leadership of GAU Chancellor of the Board – Serhat Akpınar, declared this academic year as “Year of Environment and Nature” after the disastrous forest fire that occurred last year. Vehbi stated that the aim is to actually enhance the awareness of environment and nature in the island, and emphasized that institutions from every region of the island came together for Yeşilırmak under the organization. Vehbi also stated that the saplings are everybody’s future and thanked The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment – Hamit Bakırcı and the Department of Forestry Director – Cemil Karzaoğlu for their contributions.

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  1. Well done to GAU for initiating this project. We drove past the site of the fire a couple of weeks after it happened and could only despair at the destruction. It is wonderful to see that people do care about the environment especially the list of sponsors supporting GAU.

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