December 5, 2022

Like the Phoenix, Le Chateau Hotel

 Lapta is rising

By Chris Elliott

Last weekend on Saturday I went down to the Lambousa Market which is held in the grounds of Chateau Lambousa and met with my dear old friend, John Aziz Kent who built the Chateau Lambousa Hotel and Celebrity Hotel and we sat and drank coffee and ate Katmer and talked about events in Cyprus and of course the incredible work being undertaken by the Girne American University in upgradingEntrance to the GAU car park at Le Chateau Chateau Lambousa into the new Le Chateau Hotel and seeing it is rather like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes.

Soon it was time to leave and as it was some time since I last went to record progress of the development works at Le Chateau I went there and was amazed to see the newly built pool filled with test water and the surrounding areas were so impressive even though they have yet to be surfaced.

Approaching the rear entrance I found the terrace had been resurfaced and inside there was plenty of activity with the refurbishing of the reception area and we have yet to see how it will evolve. Nearby in the lounge area, where so many of the locals at the old market retreated in the winter months, I was surprised to see a fire glowing in the impressive fireplace.

Walking around the balconies to the hotel bedrooms I noted so much change within them with new electric and plumbing work having been done and baths had arrived and were awaiting installation in the bathrooms. There is still a lot to be done and in the next few months we shall see a lot more happen.

Whilst passing one of the higher grade hotel rooms I noted yet another glowing fireplace and when I ventured in I was  Ismet Esenyel is delighted to show me the viewsgreeted warmly by Ismet Esenyel, the GAU Principal of the Higher School of Applied Tourism and Accommodation and also Project Manager of this most impressive undertaking of upgrading this beautiful building to become a Five Star Hotel which will be very unique in North Cyprus.

Ismet was very excited about the progress being made and said very soon it will be possible to see the rooms being enhanced with furniture and fittings and he also pointed out the incredible views to the sea over the newly developed swimming pool and recreational areas that are fast taking shape.

At the front of the hotel there is a new entrance building being constructed that once completed and joined to the main building will be most impressive. With all of this activity it was also so pleasing to see the new garden areas are fast flourishing and adding their own distinctive touch to this project.

Walking away from the hotel I walked down through the area of the Aphrodite complex and again I saw so many changes having been made to the bungalows by Girne American University refurbishment programme and when they are finished it will be an incredible achievement in helping to boost the TRNC Tourism prospects which was the long term dream and aim of John Aziz Kent who is the Founder and Honorary President  of the TRNC Hoteliers Association.

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6 thoughts on “Like the Phoenix, Le Chateau Hotel Lapta is rising

  1. It will be fantastic when finished and I look forward to more photos. Thanks Chris

  2. Does anyone know when it will be open and taking bookings ? If so can you give me either email or contact number, thanks

    1. Hello Mike. You have spotted my posting before I could email you and as you can see the hotel is developing but there is still a lot to do to complete it. I will remain in contact with Ismet Esenyel and as soon I have news of when the hotel is due to open and they are taking bookings I will let you know.

      Please be patient as you can see there is a lot of work to do.

  3. It is good to see this phoenix rising as you say Chris. It always seemed a shame that the good intentions that went into the building originally fell foul of the tourism collapse. Unlike the monstrosities at Bafra Le Chateau fits quietly and pleasantly into its own back ground. When I first read of the new venture I felt it would give a new lease of life to Lapta Tourist Area, so fingers crossed.

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