December 6, 2022

Cyprusscene Video Collection

By Chris Elliott

Soon after starting to develop our web blog, we soon realised that the opportunities to share news and reviews and enhance this with music and moving images for thVideose enjoyment of the reader was endless, so we decided to create a video collection page on our site.

When writing a news or review article we can embed a video that has either been shared from say Youtube or as we are increasingly doing now, producing our own videos that are stored on our site as Videopress videos.

What does this mean, well firstly there is now a page you can visit which will show you a string of videos you can play and these have a brief description about the article and by clicking on the link, you can read it.

We believe this feature will be of great attraction to our friends and followers and there may be some who wish to share their experiences, photos and videos and this being the case, we will be pleased to hear from them. If you wish to submit a contribution then please add your name, email address, brief description or the news you wish to give plus video link in the contact box below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

To visit our Video Collection page please click here


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