June 27, 2022

Le Chateau, Lapta is rising

By Chris Elliott

Today I was out on a wet gloomy day and I decided to call at Chateau Lambousa Market but when I arrived around 12.15pm I found it had closed and there were none of my friends to sit and talk to5 bThe front terraces are being upgraded.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity I set off with camera in hand to have a look at the progress being made by Girne American University in their redevelopment of the Chateau Lambousa hotel which has been renamed Le Chateau.

The hotel which was opened in 1990 by John Aziz Kent has been having major works over the past few months and I went to look at the area of the new swimming pool where I was amazed to see the differences since the pool area was first being excavated and now to be able to see the main structure taking shape.

One of the favourite areas of past market visitors was under the trees and this still remains and it looks as though this is being opened up and merged with the original terraces leading to the hotel entrance. There was so much activity here 9b2 The pool area is slowly taking shapewith windows being replaced and the entrance area being renovated and when you look from within the view over the terraces down to the pool area will be truly breathtaking when finished.

This has been a very long redevelopment programme  when you consider that the electric and water supplies have had to be renewed or upgraded in the building plus the building has had its roof replaced and all interior rooms have been gutted and many are now refurbished and await the arrival of furnishings and fittings in the months ahead.

As I wrote in a previous article about this project, the dream of the rebirth of the Lambousa Kingdom is slowly coming to fruition for GAU Founder and Rector, Serhat Akpinar, John Aziz Kent plus dear old King Praxander, its original monarch.

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