December 8, 2022

Glyn’s Wheel Turning Tips

January 2014

From the Car Clinic in Çatalköy

By Mary Day

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and

on the road longer

Glyn Morgan is the owner of the newly opened Car Clinic in Çatalköy anMary Day smld will be giving us regular tips on maintenance to help us keep our vehicles on the road.

This month Glyn said, “Getting your vehicle ready for winter while temperatures are still mild is a proactive approach to preventive maintenance that helps ensure safety, reliability and fewer unexpected repairs when winter weather strikes” Corroded battery

“Battery” – Keep the battery connections clean, tight and corrosion free. Cold weather is hard on batteries, so it’s wise to check the battery and charging system.

Because batteries don’t always give warning signs before they fail, it is advisable to replace batteries that are more than three years old.

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