September 27, 2023

Hunger limit and Poverty limit in

Northern Cyprus

MoneyThe hunger limit for a family of four in Northern Cyprus is 1,290 TL (433 euros), while the poverty limit is 5,856 TL (1,968 euros) according to estimates made by the Turkish Cypriot Civil Servants Union (KTAMS).

According to a news report by Yenidüzen newspaper, KTAMS prepared its report by obtaining a list of food items needed by a family of four for a healthy life by the Health Ministry and taking these food items’ average prices as provided by the State Planning Organisation.

In its report KTAMS points out that currently individuals getting minimum wage earn a net 1,357 TL (456 euros), high-school graduates new in civil service earn a net 1,650 TL (554 euros) and university graduates new in civil service get 1,850 TL  (622 euros). “Civil servants have been condemned to poverty” KTAMS stresses.


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